ISCA Archive SPECOM 2004
ISCA Archive SPECOM 2004

Some synergetic mechanisms of system of speech

Natalia Yu. Zaytseva

Some of synergetic mechanisms of frames, the modeling representation of system of speech are described. The technology of construction of typical translation frames of polyglot word-combinations is presented. NLP systems, including especially those of machine translation are one of the areas where the lingvo-synergetic mechanism is explored. The Thesaurus-and-Frame technology, one of the latest and most reliable technologies, is realized here. It represents an attempt to model the known conceptual triad «system of language - system of speech - speech». Synergetic nature of each link of the triad varies. For construction of machine translation systems, systematic research of synergetic mechanisms in the system of speech and its modeling representation - the frames - is necessary. The frames allow organizing a normative translation of polyglot terminological word-combinations. Realization of semantic and pragmatic rubrics of fragments of a special text by means of word-combinations and word forms is a flexible means for machine translation.

Cite as: Zaytseva, N.Y. (2004) Some synergetic mechanisms of system of speech. Proc. 9th Conference on Speech and Computer (SPECOM 2004), 721-723

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