ISCA Archive SPKD 2008
ISCA Archive SPKD 2008

Time-varying cepstral coefficients

Trond Skogstad, Torbjørn Svendsen

This paper introduces a new set of cepstral features, based on a slightly modified version of the time-varying linear predictive models pioneered by Subba Rao and Liporace. In these models, the non-stationarity of the speech signal is accommodated by expressing the filter coefficients as a weighted combination of known basis functions. By running the parameterized filter coefficients through the recursive link between all-pole models and cepstral coefficients, we obtain a time-varying cepstral representation in analytical form. In a preliminary recognition experiment this representation is shown to give a satisfactory performance. It is argued that the introduced features are well suited for tasks such as detection of landmarks and stationary segments.

Cite as: Skogstad, T., Svendsen, T. (2008) Time-varying cepstral coefficients. Proc. ISCA ITRW on Speech Analysis and Processing for Knowledge Discovery, paper 053

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