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  ISCA Archive Sessions Website Booklet

2021 ISCA Symposium on Security and Privacy in Speech Communication

10-12 November 2021

Chairs: Ingo Siegert and Karla Markert
doi: 10.21437/SPSC.2021

Speech privacy, speaker anonymization and legal regulations

Revisiting Speech Content Privacy
Jennifer Williams, Junichi Yamagishi, Paul-Gauthier, Cassia Valentini-Botinhao, Jean-François Bonastre

Implications of the New Regulation Proposed by the European Commission on Automatic Content Moderation
Vera Schmitt, Veronika Solopova, Vinicius Woloszyn, Jessica de Jesus de Pinho Pinhal

Benchmarking and challenges in security and privacy for voice biometrics
Jean-François Bonastre, Héctor Delgado, Nicholas Evans, Tomi Kinnunen, Kong Aik Lee, Xuechen Liu, Andreas Nautsch, ‪Paul-Gauthier Noé‬, Jose Patino, Md Sahidullah, Brij Mohan Lal Srivastava, Massimiliano Todisco, Natalia Tomashenko, Emmanuel Vincent, Xin Wang, Junichi Yamagishi

Intuitive Privacy from Acoustic Reach: A Case for Networked Voice User-Interfaces
Tom Bäckström, Sneha Das, Pablo Pérez Zarazaga, Johannes Fischer, Rainhard Dieter Findling, Stephan Sigg, Le Ngu Nguyen

Evaluation of Speaker Anonymization on Emotional Speech
Hubert Nourtel, Pierre Champion, Denis Jouvet, Anthony Larcher, Marie Tahon

Brave New World? Processing of personal data about employees under Art. 9 of GDPR in the context of human-robot interaction
Ivo Emanuilov, Katerina Yordanova

A More Holistic View of Literacy Specifications in the Context of Speech-based Systems
Carolin Wienrich, Astrid Carolus

Design Implications for Human-Machine Interactions from a Qualitative Pilot Study on Privacy
Anna Leschanowsky, Birgit Brüggemeier, Nils Peters

Speaker anonymization solution for public voice-assistant interactions – Presentation of a Work in Progress Development
Ingo Siegert



Privacy and security using speech and speaker recognition technologies

Speech privacy, speaker anonymization and legal regulations

PhD track