Eighth ISCA Workshop on Speech Synthesis

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
August 31-September 2, 2013

SASSC: A Standard Arabic Single Speaker Corpus

Ibrahim Almosallam, Atheer Alkhalifa, Mansour Alghamdi, Mohamed Alkanhal, Ashraf Alkhairy

KACST, Saudi Arabia

This paper describes the process of collecting and recording a large scale Arabic single speaker speech corpus. The collection and recording of the corpus was supervised by professional linguists and was recorded by a professional speaker in a soundproof studio using specialized equipments and stored in high quality formats. The pitch of the speaker (EGG) was also recorded and synchronized with the speech signal. Careful attempts were taken to insure the quality and diversity of the read text to insure maximum presence and combinations of words and phonemes. The corpus consists of 51 thousand words that required 7 hours of recording, and it is freely available for academic and research purposes. Index Terms: Text-to-Speech, Arabic Speech Corpus

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Almosallam, Ibrahim / Alkhalifa, Atheer / Alghamdi, Mansour / Alkanhal, Mohamed / Alkhairy, Ashraf (2013): "SASSC: a standard Arabic single speaker corpus", In SSW8, 249-253.