ISCA Archive SSW 1998
ISCA Archive SSW 1998

Concatenative speech synthesis for European Portuguese

Pedro M. Carvalho, Luís C. Oliveira, Isabel M. Trancoso, M. Céu Viana

This paper describes our on-going work in the area of text-tospeech synthesis, specifically on concatenative techniques. Our preliminary work consisted in investigating the current trends in concatenative synthesis and the problems that could arise when we apply the existing state-of-the art solutions to the specific case of European Portuguese.

Our ultimate goal is to develop a text-to-speech system that could be trained for any speaker’s voice in a fully automatic way, i.e., we would like to develop a customized text-to-speech synthesizer for any voice reading a predetermined text.

Our first steps in this direction involved such issues as automatic segmentation and alignment of recorded speech, optimized inventory design for concatenative synthesis, unit selection and optimal coupling of the selected units.

Cite as: Carvalho, P.M., Oliveira, L.C., Trancoso, I.M., Viana, M.C. (1998) Concatenative speech synthesis for European Portuguese. Proc. 3rd ESCA/COCOSDA Workshop on Speech Synthesis (SSW 3), 159-164

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