ISCA Archive SSW 2004
ISCA Archive SSW 2004

Voice creation for conversational fairy-tale characters

Joakim Gustafson, Kåre Sjölander

The NICE fairy-tale game system allows users to interact with conversational fairy-tale characters in a 3D world environment. Apart from engaging in conversation, the characters are able to perform physical actions in this simulated world. The goal is to create believable fairytale characters with distinct personalities. The personality of the characters will be conveyed by their appearance, their voices, how they express themselves and what they are doing. This paper describes the requirements a fairy-tale game domain poses on a spoken output generation system. The implementation of a unit selection synthesizer that meets these requirements is also described.

Cite as: Gustafson, J., Sjölander, K. (2004) Voice creation for conversational fairy-tale characters. Proc. 5th ISCA Workshop on Speech Synthesis (SSW 5), 145-150

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