ISCA Archive STILL 1998
ISCA Archive STILL 1998

New uses for speech technology in language education

Jared Bernstein

Speech technology offers many paths to enhance communication among people and systems. These paths can be viewed from a short-term perspective that encompasses recent innovations in spoken language technology including conversational transaction systems and systems specifically applied to language learning exemplified by recent interactive spoken language training systems. A longer-term perspective may start from an understanding of the complexities of language structure and the variety of ways in which people learn and use languages. As spoken language technology matures, technical solutions to problems in the formation of language skills in individuals will probably spread upward to more complex levels of language structure and outward to cover more types of learners with many different motivations and diverse target applications for second language use. However, at the same time that speech technology extends itself enabling ever more efficient training to yet higher levels of human language performance, that same technical juggernaut will build the efficient and ubiquitous speech translation systems that will make most such training irrelevant.

Cite as: Bernstein, J. (1998) New uses for speech technology in language education. Proc. ETRW on Speech Technology in Language Learning (STiLL), 175-178

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