ISCA Archive STILL 1998
ISCA Archive STILL 1998

Stress: an augmented articulatory effort

Asoke Kumar Datta

The paper presents the results of perceptual tests with manipulated sets of words of the form CVCV for verification of the two hypothesis of stress production, namely Augmented Respira-tory Effort (AAE) and Augmented Respiratory Effort (AAE). The manipulation consists of normalisation pitch, syllabic duration and intensity as well as changing the duration of CV transitions. The paper also presents the same verification with respect to the examination of acoustic cues from a news broadcast in Bengali from All India Radio (Calcutta Center). While doing that it has also been observed that Bengali is a language with stress bound on the first syllable on which there exists a controversy. Some relevant results on this aspect is also presented.

Cite as: Datta, A.K. (1998) Stress: an augmented articulatory effort. Proc. ETRW on Speech Technology in Language Learning (STiLL), 135-138

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