ISCA Archive VOQUAL 2003
ISCA Archive VOQUAL 2003

Glottal source parameterization: a comparative study

Ixone Arroabarren, Alfonso Carlosena

In this paper two parameterization methods are jointly studied and compared, namely the Normalized Amplitude Quotient (NAQ) and the Parabolic Spectral Parameter (PSP), which are different ways of glottal source characterization, in the time and frequency domains, respectively. First, a theoretical study for the derivative of the glottal source is carried out based on the LF model, and it is proved that the two above mentioned parameters represent globally the glottal source, in the sense that they are dependent on the three main characteristics of the glottal source: the open quotient, the asymmetry coefficient and the spectral tilt. Considering this implicit dependence it is shown that both parameters are correlated. Last, natural speech signals, from the workshop database, are analyzed and the performance of both parameters is analyzed in terms of their robustness.

Cite as: Arroabarren, I., Carlosena, A. (2003) Glottal source parameterization: a comparative study. Proc. Voice Quality: Functions, Analysis and Synthesis (VOQUAL 2003), 29-34

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