ISCA Archive WSLP 2003
ISCA Archive WSLP 2003

Spoken word recognition: Lexical vs sublexical

Gupta Amit, M. Sandeep

Spoken word has become a primary object of scientific inquiry with a focus on understanding how our speech perception capacities are used in segmenting and recognizing words in fluent speech. The present study investigated the nature of spoken word representation. Ten normal native Kannada speakers in the age range of 15-25yrs participated in the study. A word-spotting technique was used. Eighty Kannada words and non-words with 5 words and 5 non-words appearing twice were audio presented. The subjects were instructed to press the button when they heard the same word/non-word for the second time and responses were audiorecorded which were then analyzed for the reaction time. The results of the present study indicated that words are spotted better than non-words supporting a lexical representation of words.

Cite as: Amit, G., Sandeep, M. (2003) Spoken word recognition: Lexical vs sublexical. Proc. Workshop on Spoken Language Processing, 133-137

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