ISCA Archive WSLP 2003
ISCA Archive WSLP 2003

Analysis of spoken words employing Gabor transform

V. K. Madan

This paper employs Gabor transform to the analysis of speech signals. Speech signals were recorded under noisy conditions. The results of the analysis were compared with those obtained by employing short time Fourier transform (STFT). Gabor analysis gave, in general, a better spectral resolution as compared to STFT analysis of speech signals. Gabor analysis though had been applied to speech signals but is not yet as widely used as STFT analysis. It has, however, more potential for its application to speech processing than presently exploited.

Cite as: Madan, V.K. (2003) Analysis of spoken words employing Gabor transform. Proc. Workshop on Spoken Language Processing, 67-71

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