Accessing Information in Spoken Audio

April 19-20, 1999
Cambridge, UK

Using Location Information from Speech Recognition of Television News Broadcasts

Alexander G. Hauptmann and Andreas M. Olligschlaeger

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

The Informedia Digital Video Library system extracts information from digitized video sources and allows full content search and retrieval over all extracted data. This extracted 'metadata' enables users to rapidly find interesting news stories and to quickly identify whether a retrieved TV news story is indeed relevant to their query. Through the extraction of named entity information from broadcast news we can determine what people, organizations, dates, times and monetary amounts are mentioned in the broadcast. With respect to location data, we have been able to use location analysis derived from the speech transcripts to allow the user to visually follow the action in the news story on a map and also allow queries for news stories by graphically selecting a region on the map.

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Bibliographic reference.  Hauptmann, Alexander G. / Olligschlaeger, Andreas M. (1999): "Using location information from speech recognition of television news broadcasts", In Access-Audio-1999, 102-106.