ESCA Workshop on Automatic Speaker Recognition, Identification, and Verification

Martigny, Switzerland
April 7-9, 1994

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[ASRIV-1994] ESCA Workshop on Automatic Speaker Recognition, Identification, and Verification, Martigny, Switzerland, April 7-9, 1994; ISCA Archive,

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Tutorial Papers
Assessment and Evaluation
Connectionist Speaker Recognition
Databases for Speaker Recognition
Intra- and Inter-Speaker Variability
Robustness to Adverse Factors
Speaker Verification
Text-Independent Speaker Recognition
Poster Session

Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Tutorial Papers

Furui, Sadaoki: "An overview of speaker recognition technology", 1-10.

Naik, Jay: "Speaker verification over the telephone network: databases, algorithms and performance assessment", 31-38.

Bimbot, Frédéric / Chollet, Gérard / Paoloni, Andrea: "Assessment methodology for speaker identification and verification systems - an overview of SAM-a esprit project 6819 - task 2500", 75-82.

Bennani, Younès / Gallinari, Patrick: "Connectionist approaches for automatic speaker recognition", 95-102.

Künzel, Hermann J.: "Current approaches to forensic speaker recognition", 135-142.

Tsoi, Ah Chung / Shrimpton, David / Watson, Brett / Back, Andrew: "Application of artificial neural network techniques to speaker verification", 143-152.

Speaker Verification

Veth, Johan de / Bourlard, Hervé: "Comparison of hidden Markov model techniques for automatic speaker verification", 11-14.

Dubreucq, Vincent / Vloeberghs, Claude: "The use of the pitch to improve an HMM based speaker recognition method", 15-18.

Forsyth, Mark E. / Bagshaw, Paul C. / Jack, Mervyn A.: "Incorporating discriminating observation probabilities (DOP) into semi-continuous HMM for speaker verification", 19-22.

Gong, Yifan / Haton, Jean-Paul: "Non-linear interpolation methods for speaker recognition and verification", 23-26.

Reynolds, Douglas A.: "Speaker identification and verification using Gaussian mixture speaker models", 27-30.

Databases for Speaker Recognition

Godfrey, John / Graff, David / Martin, Alvin: "Public databases for speaker recognition and verification", 39-42.

Boves, Louis / Bogaart, Tineke / Bos, Leonie: "Design and recording of large data bases for use in speaker verification and identification", 43-46.

Carlo, Andrea Di / Falcone, Mauro / Paoloni, Andrea: "Corpus design for speaker recognition assessment", 47-50.

Text-Independent Speaker Recognition

Bimbot, Frédéric / Mathan, Luc: "Second-order statistical measures for text-independent speaker identification", 51-54.

Zhu, Xiaoyuan / Gao, Yuqing / Ran, Shuping / Chen, Fangxin / Macleod, Iain / Millar, Bruce / Wagner, Michael: "Text-independent speaker recognition using VQ, mixture Gaussian VQ and ergodic HMMs", 55-58.

Matsui, Tomoko / Furui, Sadaoki: "Similarity normalization method for speaker verification based on a posteriori probability", 59-62.

Thévenaz, Philippe / Hügli, Heinz: "Conformity, a new method for text-independent speaker recognition", 63-66.

Farrell, Kevin R. / Mammone, Richard J.: "An evaluation of supervised and unsupervised classifiers for speaker recognition", 67-70.

Falavigna, Daniele / Brunelli, Roberto: "Person recognition using acoustic and visual cues", 71-74.

Assessment and Evaluation

Wagner, Michael / Chen, Fangxin / Macleod, Iain / Millar, Bruce / Ran, Shuping / Tridgell, Andrew / Zhu, Xiaoyuan: "Analysis of type-II errors for VQ-distortion based speaker verification", 83-86.

Oglesby, John: "What's in a number?: moving beyond the equal error rate", 87-90.

Ong, Sherman / Moody, Miles P. / Sridharan, Sridha: "Confidence analysis for speaker identification: the effectiveness of various features", 91-94.

Connectionist Speaker Recognition

Hattori, Hiroaki: "Text-independent speaker verification using neural networks", 103-106.

Fredrickson, Steven E. / Tarassenko, Lionel: "Radial basis functions for speaker identification", 107-110.

Castellano, Pierre / Sridharan, Sridha: "Text-independent speaker identification with functional-link neural networks", 111-114.

Hassanein, K. / Deng, L. / Elmasry, M. I.: "A neural predictive hidden Markov model for speaker recognition", 115-118.

Schalkwyk, Johan / Barnard, Etienne / Cole, Ronald A. / Sachs, Jeffrey R.: "Detecting an imposter in telephone speech", 119-122.

Intra- and Inter-Speaker Variability

Giua, Paolo / Pisani, Raffaele: "Intra- and inter-speaker variability", 123-126.

Thompson, J. / Mason, J. S.: "The pre-detection of error-prone class members at the enrollment stage of speaker recognition systems", 127-130.

Williams, Sheila M. / Whiteside, Sandra P. / Dempster, Gavin J.: "The punch and judy man: speaker or speakers?", 131-134.

Poster Session

Anderson, Timothy R. / Patterson, Roy D.: "Speaker recognition with the auditory image model and self-organizing feature maps: a comparison with traditional techniques", 153-156.

Bonastre, Jean-François / Méloni, Henri: "Inter- and intra-speaker variability of French phonemes - advantages of an explicit knowledge based approach", 157-160.

Braun, Angelika: "The effect of cigarette smoking on vocal parameters", 161-164.

Chan, P. A. / Damper, Robert I.: "Voice conversion by whole-spectrum scaling", 165-168.

Falcone, Mauro / Sario, Nicolò De: "A PC speaker identification system for forensic use: IDEM", 169-172.

Falcone, Mauro / Paoloni, Andrea: "Text-independent speaker verification based on multiple reconstruction of selected speech zones", 173-176.

Greisbach, Reinhold / Esser, Otto / Weinstock, Constanze / Klinker, Theo: "A comparison of the speaker identification power of continuant sounds", 177-180.

Hannah, M. I. / Sapeluk, A. T. / Damper, Robert I.: "The rle of the reference template in speaker verification", 181-184.

Homayounpour, M. Mehdi / Chollet, Gérard: "A comparison of some relevant parametric representations for speaker verification", 185-188.

Lastrucci, L. / Gori, M. / Soda, G.: "Neural autoassociators for phoneme-based speaker verification", 189-192.

Mella, Odile: "Extraction of formants of oral vowels and critical analysis for speaker characterization", 193-196.

Narendranath, M. / Murthy, Hema A. / Rajendran, S. / Yegnanarayana, B.: "Voice conversion using artificial neural networks", 197-200.

Perrin, Emmanuel / Borel, Jocelyne / Berger-Vachon, Christian / Kauffmann, Isabelle: "Phonatory signature of the deaf child", 201-204.

Rjaibi-Sabhi, Najet / Lhote, Elisabeth: "Variabilty as a means of geographic origin discrimination of Arabic speakers - global and segmented approach for geographic origin identification of Arabic speakers", 205-208.

Schoentgen, Jean / Azami, Zoubir: "Closed-phase glottal inverse filtering by means of a compound auto-regressive model", 209-212.

Robustness to Adverse Factors

Cohen, Arnon / Vaich, Tzur: "On the identification of twins by their voices", 213-216.

Ortega-Garcia, Javier / Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Joaquin: "Robust speech modeling for speaker identification in forensic acoustics", 217-220.

Trent, Larry J. / Rader, Charles M. / Reynolds, Douglas A.: "Using higher order statistics to increase the noise robustness of a speaker identification system", 221-224.

Naik, Devang / Assaleh, Khaled / Mammone, Richard J.: "Robust speaker identification using pole filtering", 225-230.

Openshaw, J. P. / Mason, J. S.: "Optimal noise-masking of cepstral features for robust speaker identification", 231-234.

Lin, Q. / Jan, E. / Che, C. / Flanagan, James L.: "Speaker identification in teleconferencing environments using microphone arrays and neural networks", 235-238.