ESCA Workshop on Automatic Speaker Recognition, Identification, and Verification

Martigny, Switzerland
April 7-9, 1994

What's in a number?: Moving Beyond the Equal Error Rate

John Oglesby

BT Laboratories, Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, UK

This paper addresses the issue of speaker verification system assessment. The objective of this work is to develop a way of characterising speaker verification systems in a concise and meaningful manner.

Here a performance profile is suggested, that encompases the important aspects of a system under test, namely the actual verification performance, model storage requirements, confusability of the speakers in the test set, quality of the speech data used and the duration of speech data available for enrollment and testing.

Results are presented that show how this profile of measures can be used to give a more meaningful representation of a given system.

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Bibliographic reference.  Oglesby, John (1994): "What's in a number?: moving beyond the equal error rate", In ASRIV-1994, 87-90.