ESCA Workshop on Automatic Speaker Recognition, Identification, and Verification

Martigny, Switzerland
April 7-9, 1994

The Pre-Detection of Error-Prone Class Members at the Enrollment Stage of Speaker Recognition Systems

J. Thompson, J. S. Mason

Speech Research Group, University of Wales, Swansea, UK

Two underlying factors that cause potential error-prone speakers in speaker verification (SV) systems are examined, namely the inter-variance which indicates the individuality of the speaker, and the intra-variance which is measure how much the speech varies over time. It is shown that SV errors can be predicted from either inter or intra-variance but more accurately from a product of the two.

An error-prone speaker detection scheme based on a speaker identification (SI) system is proposed which could be useful at the enrollment stage to improve system performance.

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Bibliographic reference.  Thompson, J. / Mason, J. S. (1994): "The pre-detection of error-prone class members at the enrollment stage of speaker recognition systems", In ASRIV-1994, 127-130.