ESCA Workshop on Automatic Speaker Recognition, Identification, and Verification

Martigny, Switzerland
April 7-9, 1994

A Comparison of the Speaker Identification Power of Continuant Sounds

Reinhold Greisbach, Otto Esser, Constanze Weinstock, Theo Klinker

Institut für Phonetik, Universität zu Köln, Cologne, Germany

Log-power spectra were calculated in the centre of continuant sounds for speaker identification. Results indicate that there is a difference in speaker identification power among these sounds. Under the conditions of the experimental and computational set-up described in this paper, vowels and nasals seem to contain more information on speaker identity than fricatives.

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Bibliographic reference.  Greisbach, Reinhold / Esser, Otto / Weinstock, Constanze / Klinker, Theo (1994): "A comparison of the speaker identification power of continuant sounds", In ASRIV-1994, 177-180.