ESCA Workshop on Automatic Speaker Recognition, Identification, and Verification

Martigny, Switzerland
April 7-9, 1994

Speaker Identification in Teleconferencing Environments Using Microphone Arrays and Neural Networks

Q. Lin, E. Jan, C. Che, James L. Flanagan

Center for Computer Aids for Industrial Productivity, Rutgers University, NJ, USA

This paper studies signal enhancement of microphone array sound pickup and neural network (NN) adaptation for reliable speaker identification. Additionally, the report describes a speaker identification system for teleconferencing applications. It is found that beamforming/matched-filter microphone arrays are capable of combating deleterious properties of the acoustic environment, such as multipath distortion (reverberation) and ambient noise. It is also found that neural networks can learn, and thereby compensate for, environmental interference and can adapt testing conditions to training conditions, so that high accuracies can be achieved in speaker identification.

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Bibliographic reference.  Lin, Q. / Jan, E. / Che, C. / Flanagan, James L. (1994): "Speaker identification in teleconferencing environments using microphone arrays and neural networks", In ASRIV-1994, 235-238.