ESCA - NATO/RSG 10 Workshop on
Applications of Speech Technology

Lautrach, Germany
September 16-17, 1993

Improvement of Unrestricted Text Synthesis by the Linguistic Preprocessing Tool: TEXOR

Daniel Cotto

IRIT, URA CNRS 1399, University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France

In this paper we describe our linguistic preprocessing tool for synthesizing unrestricted texts : TEXOR. It consists of three modules : a metatextual module, a textual and a configuration ones. Then we introduce applications which can integrate TEXOR, in particular voice computer workstations for visually impaired persons. Last, we present a first evaluation of our system. This evaluation have been realized in the framework of electronic newspaper reading.

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Cotto, Daniel (1993): "Improvement of unrestricted text synthesis by the linguistic preprocessing tool: TEXOR", In AST-1993, 199-202.