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AVSP 2003 - International Conference on Audio-Visual Speech Processing

St. Jorioz, France
September 4-7, 2003

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[AVSP 2003] International Conference on Audio-Visual Speech Processing, ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop, St. Jorioz, France, September 4-7, 2003, ed. by Jean-Luc Schwartz, Frédéric Berthommier, Marie-Agnès Cathiard, and David Sodoyer, ISCA Archive,

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Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Psycho - Neurophysiology

Invited Paper

Fogassi, Leonardo: "Evolution of language from action understanding", Abstract, 1-2.

Early Interactions

Lebib, Riadh / Papo, David / Douiri, Abdel / Bode, Stella de / Baudonniere, Pierre-Marie: "Early processing of visual speech information modulates the subsequent processing of auditory speech input at a pre-attentive level: Evidence from event-related brain potential data", 3-8.

Kim, Jeesun / Davis, Chris: "Testing the cuing hypothesis for the AV speech detection advantage", 9-12.

Bernstein, Lynne E. / Takayanagi, Sumiko / Auer, Edward T. jr.: "Enhanced auditory detection with av speech: perceptual evidence for speech and non-speech mechanisms ", 13-17.

Schwartz, Jean-Luc / Berthommier, Frédéric / Savariaux, Christophe: "Auditory syllabic identification enhanced by non-informative visible speech", 19-24.

AV Synchrony

Conrey, Brianna L. / Pisoni, David B.: "Audiovisual asynchrony detection for speech and nonspeech signals", 25-30.

Grant, Ken W. / Wassenhove, Virginie van / Poeppel, David: "Discrimination of auditory-visual synchrony", 31-35.

Wassenhove, Virginie van / Grant, Ken W. / Poeppel, David: "Electrophysiology of auditory-visual speech integration", 37-42.

Inter-Individual Variability

Sekiyama, Kaoru / Burnham, Denis / Tam, Helen / Erdener, Dogu: "Auditory-visual speech perception development in Japanese and English speakers", 43-47.

Mohammed, Tara Ellis / MacSweeney, Mairéad / Campbell, Ruth: "Developing the TAS: Individual differences in silent speechreading, reading and phonological awareness in deaf and hearing speechreaders", 49-54.

Bergeson, Tonya R. / Pisoni, David B. / Reynolds, Jeffrey T.: "Perception of point light displays of speech by normal-hearing adults and deaf adults with cochlear implants", 55-60.


Cathiard, Marie-Agnès / Abry, Christian / Gedzelman, Séverine / Loevenbruck, Hélène: "Visual and auditory perception of epenthetic glides", 61-66.

Vroomen, Jean / Keetels, Mirjam / Linden, Sabine van / Gelder, Béatrice de / Bertelson, Paul: "Selective adaptation and recalibration of auditory speech by lipread information: Dissipation", 67-70.

Ojanen, Ville / Tuomainen, Jyrki / Sams, Mikko: "Effect of audiovisual primes on identification of auditory target syllables", 71-75.


Schwartz, Jean-Luc: "Why the FLMP should not be applied to McGurk data ...or how to better compare models in the Bayesian framework", 77-82.

Massaro, Dominic W.: "Model Selection in AVSP: Some old and not so old news", 83-88.

Berthommier, Frédéric: "A phonetically neutral model of the low-level audiovisual interaction ", 89-94.

Analysis and Recognition

Invited Paper

Potamianos, Gerasimos / Neti, Chalapathy / Deligne, Sabine: "Joint audio-visual speech processing for recognition and enhancement", 95-104.

Face Analysis

Odisio, Matthias / Bailly, Gérard: "Shape and appearance models of talking faces for model-based tracking", 105-110.

Guitarte Pérez, Jesús F. / Lukas, Klaus / Frangi, Alejandro F.: "Low resource lip finding and tracking algorithm for embedded devices", 111-116.

Yoshinaga, Tomoaki / Tamura, Satoshi / Iwano, Koji / Furui, Sadaoki: "Audio-visual speech recognition using lip movement extracted from side-face images", 117-120.

Shdaifat, I. / Grigat, R. / Langmann, Detlev: "A System for Automatic Lip Reading", 121-126.

Scanlon, Patricia / Reilly, Richard / Chazal, Philip de: "Visual feature analysis for automatic speechreading", 127-132.

AV Relationships

Goecke, Roland / Millar, Bruce: "Statistical analysis of the relationship between audio and video speech parameters for Australian English", 133-138.

Girin, Laurent: "Pure audio McGurk effect", 139-144.

Sodoyer, David / Girin, Laurent / Jutten, Christian / Schwartz, Jean-Luc: "Further experiments on audio-visual speech source separation ", 145-150.

Recognition and Dialog

Shi, Rui P. / Adelhardt, Johann / Zeißler, Viktor / Batliner, Anton / Frank, Carmen / Nöth, Elmar / Niemann, Heinrich: "Using speech and gesture to explore user states in multimodal dialogue systems", 151-156.

Nakadai, Kazuhiro / Matsuura, Daisuke / Okuno, Hiroshi G. / Tsujino, Hiroshi: "Improvement of three simultaneous speech recognition by using AV integration and scattering theory for humanoid", 157-162.

Heckmann, Martin / Berthommier, Frédéric / Savariaux, Christophe / Kroschel, Kristian: "Effects of image distortions on audio-visual speech recognition", 163-168.

Zelezný, Milos / Císar, Petr: "Czech audio-visual speech corpus of a car driver for in-vehicle audio-visual speech recognition", 169-173.

Huang, Jing / Potamianos, Gerasimos / Neti, Chalapathy: "Improving audio-visual speech recognition with an infrared headset", 175-178.

Talking Faces, Gestures, and Expressions

Invited Paper

Leybaert, Jacqueline: "The role of Cued Speech in language processing by deaf children : An overview", 179-186.

Talking Faces and Evaluation

Theobald, Barry-John / Bangham, J. Andrew / Matthews, Iain / Cawley, Gavin: "Evaluation of a talking head based on appearance models", 187-192.

Vignali, Guillaume / Hill, Harold / Vatikiotis-Bateson, Eric: "Linking the structure and perception of 3D faces: Gender, ethnicity, and expressive posture", 193-198.

Frydrych, Michael / Kätsyri, Jari / Dobsík, Martin / Sams, Mikko: "Toolkit for animation of Finnish talking head", 199-204.

Siciliano, Catherine / Faulkner, Andrew / Williams, Geoff: "Lipreadability of a synthetic talking face in normal hearing and hearing-impaired listeners", 205-208.

Production and Coarticulation

Magno-Caldognetto, Emanuela / Cosi, Piero / Drioli, Carlo / Tisato, Graziano / Cavicchio, Federica: "Coproduction of speech and emotions: visual and acoustic modifications of some phonetic labial targets#", 209-214.

Fagel, Sascha / Clemens, Caroline: "Two articulation models for audiovisual speech synthesis - description and determination", 215-220.

Bevacqua, Elisabetta / Palachaud, Cathérine: "Triphone-based coarticulation model", 221-226.

Attina, V. / Beautemps, D. / Cathiard, Marie-Agnès / Odisio, Matthias: "Toward an audiovisual synthesizer for Cued Speech: Rules for CV French syllables", 227-232.

Gestures and Expressions

Nordstrand, Magnus / Svanfeldt, Gunilla / Granström, Björn / House, David: "Measurements of articulatory variation and communicative signals in expressive speech", 233-238.

Kätsyri, Jari / Klucharev, Vasily / Frydrych, Michael / Sams, Mikko: "Identification of synthetic and natural emotional facial expressions", 239-243.

Dohen, Marion / Loevenbruck, Hélène / Cathiard, Marie-Agnès / Schwartz, Jean-Luc: "Audiovisual perception of contrastive focus in French", 245-250.

Cerrato, Loredana / Skhiri, Mustapha: "A method for the analysis and measurement of communicative head movements in human dialogues", 251-256.

Complementary Material

Shiller, Douglas M. / Kroos, Christian / Vatikiotis-Bateson, Eric / Munhall, K. G.: "Exploring the spatial frequency requirements of audio-visual speech using superimposed facial motion", Abstract, 257.