Auditory-Visual Speech Processing 2005

British Columbia, Canada
July 24-27, 2005

Audiovisual Processing of Lombard Speech

Victor Chung, Nicole Mirante, Jolien Otten, Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Perception results are presented that address the role of Lombard speech in auditory and audiovisual speech perception. Basically, visual enhancement neutralizes the advantage of Lombard speech observed for auditory perception. It remains an open question whether or not Lombard speech is preferable for perception studies of speech in noise.

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Bibliographic reference.  Chung, Victor / Mirante, Nicole / Otten, Jolien / Vatikiotis-Bateson, Eric (2005): "Audiovisual processing of Lombard speech", In AVSP-2005, 55-56.