Auditory-Visual Speech Processing 2005

British Columbia, Canada
July 24-27, 2005

Development of Auditory-Visual Speech Perception in English-Speaking Children: The Role of Language-Specific Factors

V. Dogu Erdener, Denis K. Burnham

MARCS Auditory Laboratories, University of Western Sydney, Australia

It has been found that auditory-visual speech perception differs over languages, particularly between English and Japanese speakers. This difference emerges due to increased use of visual information by English speakers between 6 and 8 years [14]. This study investigates the linguistic factors that may cause changes in auditory-visual speech perception development. Children aged between 5 and 8 years were given tests of reading, articulation, language-specific speech perception and auditory-visual speech perception. The results show that only language-specific speech perception predicts auditory-visual speech perception. Possible reasons for this relationship are discussed.

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Bibliographic reference.  Erdener, V. Dogu / Burnham, Denis K. (2005): "Development of auditory-visual speech perception in English-speaking children: the role of language-specific factors", In AVSP-2005, 57-62.