Auditory-Visual Speech Processing 2007 (AVSP2007)

Kasteel Groenendaal, Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands
August 31 - September 3, 2007

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[AVSP-2007] International Conference on Auditory-Visual Speech Processing 2007 (AVSP2007), Kasteel Groenendaal, Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands, August 31 - September 3, 2007; ed. by Jean Vroomen, Marc Swerts, and Emiel Krahmer; ISCA Archive,

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Abry   Ali   Alm   Almajai (P16)   Almajai (P17)   Arntsen   Aubrey   Auer_Jr   Baart   Baier   Bailly (L2-1)   Bailly (L2-3)   Bailly (P23)   Barbosa (L5-1)   Barbosa (P38)   Barbosa (P41)   Barker   Basirat   Bastien-Toniazzo   Batliner   Behne (P34)   Behne (P35)   Berger   Bertrand   Blache   Brandewie   Brungart   Burnham   Calabresi   Casari   Cathiard   Cavé   Chambers   Chen, Johnson   Chen, Yuchun   Chetty   Chow   Císar   Cobo   Colonius   Courgeon   D'Alessandro   Damper   Davis (L6-3)   Davis (P08)   Dean   Diederich   Dohen   Eg   Elisei (L2-1)   Elisei (L2-3)   Elisei (P23)   Espesser   Fagel (L2-1)   Fagel (P32)   Fallman   Feehan   Ferré   Folkard   Gan   Girin (P07)   Girin (P14)   Grauwinkel   Hacker   Hall   Hazan (L6-1)   Hazan (P24)   Hazan (P42)   Hicks   Hu   Idsardi   Irwin   Jacquemin   Jesse   Jiang   Jutten (P07)   Jutten (P14)   Kaiser   Katz   Kim (L6-3)   Kim (P08)   Klakow   Knowland   Krahmer (L1-3)   Krahmer (L4-2)   Krnoul   Kuratate   Lidz   Linden   Loevenbruck   Lucey (L2-2)   Lucey (P28)   Maes   Mana   Martin   Martínez   Max   McQueen   Melenchón   Menzel   Milner (P16)   Milner (P17)   Mögele   Mol   Nöth   Oberg   Öhrström   Oun   Ouni   Pham   Pianesi   Pilling (P10)   Pilling (P11)   Pilling (P12)   Pointal   Potamianos   Raidt (L2-3)   Raidt (P23)   Rauzy   Rivet (P07)   Rivet (P14)   Romigh   Rosen   Sakamoto (P18)   Sakamoto (P39)   Sato   Schacht   Schwartz   Sennema (L6-1)   Sennema (P24)   Servičre   Shao   Simó   Sridharan (L2-2)   Sridharan (P28)   Stekelenburg   Stelarc   Stroumza   Sugano   Suzuki (P18)   Suzuki (P39)   Swerts (L1-3)   Swerts (L4-2)   Tan   Tanaka (P18)   Tanaka (P39)   Theobald   Thomas, Sharon (P10)   Thomas, Sharon (P11)   Thomas, Sharon M. (L1-2)   Thomas, Sharon M. (P12)   Traunmüller   Troille   Trojanová   Tsumura (P18)   Tsumura (P39)   Tuomainen   Valsř   Vatikiotis-Bateson (L5-1)   Vatikiotis-Bateson (P38)   Vatikiotis-Bateson (P41)   Vroomen (L1-1)   Vroomen (P05)   Wagner   Wang (P34)   Wang (P35)   Wark   Wassenhove   Wilkinson   Yang   Yehia (L5-1)   Yehia (P38)   Yehia (P41)   Zelezný (P30)   Zelezný (P31)   Zelinka  

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Oral Sessions     Poster Sessions

Oral Sessions

Stekelenburg, Jeroen J. / Vroomen, Jean: "Neural correlates of multisensory integration of ecologically valid audiovisual events", paper L1-1.

Calabresi, Marco / Thomas, Sharon M. / Folkard, Tim J. / Hall, Deborah A.: "Speechreading in context: an ERP study", paper L1-2.

Mol, Lisette / Krahmer, Emiel / Maes, Alfons / Swerts, Marc: "The communicative import of gestures: evidence from a comparative analysis of human-human and human-machine interactions", paper L1-3.

Fagel, Sascha / Bailly, Gérard / Elisei, Frédéric: "Intelligibility of natural and 3d-cloned German speech", paper L2-1.

Lucey, Patrick / Potamianos, Gerasimos / Sridharan, Sridha: "An extended pose-invariant lipreading system", paper L2-2.

Elisei, Frédéric / Bailly, Gérard / Casari, Alix / Raidt, Stephan: "Towards eye gaze aware analysis and synthesis of audiovisual speech", paper L2-3.

Auer Jr, Edward T.: "Further modeling of the effects of lexical uniqueness in speechreading: examining individual differences in segmental perception and testing predictions for sentence level performance", paper L3-1.

Jesse, Alexandra / McQueen, James M.: "Visual lexical stress information in audiovisual spoken-word recognition", paper L3-2.

Knowland, Vicky / Tuomainen, Jyrki / Rosen, Stuart: "The effects of perceptual load and set on audio-visual speech integration", paper L3-3.

Traunmüller, Hartmut / Öhrström, Niklas: "The auditory and the visual percept evoked by the same audiovisual vowels", paper L4-1.

Swerts, Marc / Krahmer, Emiel: "Acoustic effects of visual beats", paper L4-2.

Barbosa, Adriano V. / Yehia, Hani C. / Vatikiotis-Bateson, Eric: "MATLAB toolbox for audiovisual speech processing", paper L5-1.

Barker, Jon / Shao, Xu: "Audio-visual speech fragment decoding", paper L5-2.

Hu, Roland / Damper, Robert I.: "Audio-visual person identification on the XM2VTS database", paper L5-3.

Hazan, Valerie / Sennema, Anke: "The impact of visual training on the perception and production of a non-native phonetic contrast", paper L6-1.

Baier, Rebecca / Idsardi, William J. / Lidz, Jeffrey: "Two-month-olds are sensitive to lip rounding in dynamic and static speech events", paper L6-2.

Kim, Jeesun / Davis, Chris: "Restoration effects in auditory and visual speech", paper L6-3.

Poster Sessions

Gan, Tian / Menzel, Wolfgang / Yang, Shiqiang: "An audio-visual speech recognition framework based on articulatory features", paper P01.

Cavé, Christian / Stroumza, Aurélie / Bastien-Toniazzo, Mireille: "The Mcgurk effect in dyslexic and normal-reading children: an experimental study", paper P02.

Ali, Azra Nahid: "Exploring semantic cueing effects using Mcgurk fusion", paper P03.

Sugano, Yoshimori: "Modeling the auditory capture effect in a bimodal synchronous tapping", paper P04.

Vroomen, Jean / Linden, Sabine van / Baart, Martijn: "Lipread aftereffects in auditory speech perception: measuring aftereffects after a twenty-four hours delay", paper P05.

Berger, Marie-Odile: "Realistic face animation from sparse stereo meshes", paper P06.

Rivet, Bertrand / Girin, Laurent / Servičre, Christine / Pham, Dinh-Tuan / Jutten, Christian: "Audiovisual speech source separation: a regularization method based on visual voice activity detection", paper P07.

Davis, Chris / Kim, Jeesun / Kuratate, Takaaki / Chen, Johnson / Stelarc, S. / Burnham, Denis: "Making a thinking-talking head", paper P08.

Bertrand, Roxane / Ferré, Gaëlle / Blache, Philippe / Espesser, Robert / Rauzy, Stéphane: "Backchannels revisited from a multimodal perspective", paper P09.

Pilling, Michael / Thomas, Sharon: "Temporal factors in the electrophysiological markers of audiovisual speech integration", paper P10.

Irwin, Amy / Thomas, Sharon / Pilling, Michael: "Regional accent familiarity and speechreading performance", paper P11.

Thomas, Sharon M. / Pilling, Michael: "Benefits of facial and textual information in understanding of vocoded speech", paper P12.

Melenchón, Javier / Simó, Jordi / Cobo, Germán / Martínez, Elisa: "Objective viseme extraction and audiovisual uncertainty: estimation limits between auditory and visual modes", paper P13.

Rivet, Bertrand / Aubrey, Andrew / Girin, Laurent / Hicks, Yulia / Jutten, Christian / Chambers, Jonathon: "Development and comparison of two approaches for visual speech analysis with application to voice activity detection", paper P14.

Batliner, Anton / Hacker, Christian / Kaiser, Moritz / Mögele, Hannes / Nöth, Elmar: "Taking into account the user˛s focus of attention with the help of audio-visual information: towards less artificial human-machine-communication", paper P15.

Milner, Ben / Almajai, Ibrahim: "Noisy audio speech enhancement using Wiener filters derived from visual speech", paper P16.

Almajai, Ibrahim / Milner, Ben: "Maximising audio-visual speech correlation", paper P17.

Sakamoto, Shuichi / Tanaka, Akihiro / Tsumura, Komi / Suzuki, Yôiti: "Effect of speed difference between time-expanded speech and talker˛s moving image on word or sentence intelligibility", paper P18.

Basirat, Anahita / Sato, Marc / Schwartz, Jean-Luc: "Audiovisual verbal transformations, as a way to study audiovisual interactions in speech perception", paper P19.

Dohen, Marion / Loevenbruck, Hélčne: "Auditory-visual perception of acoustically degraded prosodic contrastive focus in French", paper P20.

Theobald, Barry-John / Wilkinson, Nicholas: "A real-time speech-driven talking head using active appearance models", paper P22.

Raidt, Stephan / Bailly, Gérard / Elisei, Frédéric: "Analyzing and modeling gaze during face-to-face interaction", paper P23.

Hazan, Valerie / Sennema, Anke: "The impact of visual training on the perception and production of a non-native phonetic contrast", paper P24.

Ouni, Slim / Oun, Kais: "Arabic pharyngeals in visual speech", paper P25.

Schacht, Stefan / Fallman, Oleg / Klakow, Dietrich: "Fast lip tracking for speech/nonspeech detection", paper P26.

Brungart, Douglas S. / Wassenhove, Virginie van / Brandewie, Eugene / Romigh, Griffin: "The effects of temporal acceleration and deceleration on AV speech perception", paper P27.

Dean, David / Lucey, Patrick / Sridharan, Sridha / Wark, Tim: "Weighting and normalisation of synchronous HMMs for audio-visual speech recognition", paper P28.

Mana, Nadia / Pianesi, Fabio: "Modelling of emotional facial expressions during speech in synthetic talking heads using a hybrid approach", paper P29.

Krnoul, Zdenek / Zelezný, Milos: "Innovations in Czech audio-visual speech synthesis for precise articulation", paper P30.

Císar, Petr / Zelezný, Milos / Zelinka, Jan / Trojanová, Jana: "Development and testing of new combined visual speech parameterization", paper P31.

Grauwinkel, Katja / Fagel, Sascha: "Visualization of internal articulator dynamics for use in speech therapy for children with Sigmatismus Interdentalis", paper P32.

Colonius, Hans / Diederich, Adele: "A measure of auditory-visual integration efficiency based on fechnerian scaling", paper P33.

Behne, Dawn / Wang, Yue / Alm, Magnus / Arntsen, Ingrid / Eg, Ragnhild / Valsř, Ane: "Changes in audio-visual speech perception during adulthood", paper P34.

Wang, Yue / Behne, Dawn / Jiang, Haisheng / Feehan, Angela: "Effect of native language experience on audio-visual perception of English fricatives by Korean and Mandarin natives", paper P35.

Troille, Emilie / Cathiard, Marie-Agnčs / Abry, Christian: "Consequences on bimodal perception of the timing of the consonant and vowel audiovisual flows", paper P36.

Chetty, Girija / Wagner, Michael: "Audiovisual speaker identity verification based on cross modal fusion", paper P37.

Barbosa, Adriano V. / Yehia, Hani C. / Vatikiotis-Bateson, Eric: "MATLAB toolbox for audiovisual speech processing", paper P38.

Tanaka, Akihiro / Sakamoto, Shuichi / Tsumura, Komi / Suzuki, Yôiti: "Effects of intermodal timing difference and speed difference on intelligibility of auditory-visual speech in younger and older adults", paper P39.

Martin, Jean-Claude / Jacquemin, Christian / Pointal, Laurent / Katz, Brian / D'Alessandro, Christophe / Max, Aurélien / Courgeon, M.: "A 3d audio-visual animated agent for expressive conversational question answering", paper P40.

Vatikiotis-Bateson, Eric / Barbosa, Adriano V. / Chow, Cheuk Yi / Oberg, Martin / , Johanna Tan (2), Hani C. Yehia (3) / Tan, Johanna / Yehia, Hani C.: "Audiovisual Lombard speech: reconciling production and perception", paper P41.

Chen, Yuchun / Hazan, Valerie: "Developmental factor in auditory-visual speech perception - the Mcgurk effect in Mandarin-Chinese and English speakers", paper P42.