International Conference on Auditory-Visual Speech Processing 2008

Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort, Moreton Island, Queensland, Australia
September 26-29, 2008

From Talking to Thinking Heads: Report 2008

Denis Burnham (1), A. Abrahamyan (1), L. Cavedon (2), Chris Davis (1), A. Hodgins (1), Jeesun Kim (1), Christian Kroos (1), Takaaki Kuratate (1), T. Lewis (3), M. Luerssen (3), G. Paine (3), D. Powers (3), M. Riley (1), Stelarc (1), K. Stevens (1)

(1) MARCS Auditory Laboratories, University of Western Sydney, Sydney, Australia
(2) School of Computer Science and IT, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
(3) School of Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia

The Thinking Head project has as it aims to develop (i) a new generation Talking Thinking Head that embodies human attributes, and improves human-machine interaction; and (ii) a plug-and-play research platform for users to test software in an interactive real-time environment. Here, project progress is discussed in terms of the four teams: 1. Head Building - (i) Plug-and-Play architecture, (ii) Thinking Media Framework, and (iii) Animation; 2. Human-Head Interaction (HHI) - (i) Wizard of Oz studies, and (ii) joint attention by human and head; 3. Evaluation; and 4. Performance in (i) the Beijing Head and (ii) the Pedestal Head. Directions for future research are outlined as appropriate.

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Bibliographic reference.  Burnham, Denis / Abrahamyan, A. / Cavedon, L. / Davis, Chris / Hodgins, A. / Kim, Jeesun / Kroos, Christian / Kuratate, Takaaki / Lewis, T. / Luerssen, M. / Paine, G. / Powers, D. / Riley, M. / Stelarc, Stelarc / Stevens, K. (2008): "From talking to thinking heads: report 2008", In AVSP-2008, 127-130.