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Auditory-Visual Speech Processing (AVSP'98)

December 4-6, 1998
Terrigal, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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[AVSP-1998] Auditory-Visual Speech Processing (AVSP'98), ed. by Denis Burnham, Jordi Robert-Ribes, and Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson, Terrigal - Sydney, Australia, December 4-6, 1998, ISCA Archive,

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Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Names written in boldface refer to first authors. Full papers can be accessed from the abstracts (ISCA members only). Please note that each abstract opens in a separate window.

McGurk's McGurk

Burnham, Denis: "Harry McGurk and the McGurk Effect", 1-2.

McGurk, Harry: "Developmental Psychology and the Vision of Speech (McGurk's Inaugural Lecture in 1988)", 3-20.

McGurk Effect

Massaro, Dominic W.: "Illusions and Issues In Bimodal Speech Perception", 21-26.

Fixmer, Eric / Hawkins, Sarah: "The Influence of Quality of Information on the McGurk Effect", 27-32.

Sekiyama, Kaoru: "Face Or Voice? Determinant of Compellingness To The McGurk Effect", 33-36.

Burnham, Denis / Lau, Susanna: "The Effect of Tonal Information on Auditory Reliance in the McGurk Effect", 37-42.

Amano, Jun / Sekiyama, Kaoru: "The McGurk Effect Is Influenced By The Stimulus Set Size", 43-48.

Braida, Louis D. / Sekiyama, Kaoru / Dix, Ann K.: "Integration of Audiovisually Compatible and Incompatible Consonants In Identification Experiments", 49-54.

Colin, Cecile / Radeau, Monique / Deltenre, Paul: "Intermodal Interactions In Speech: A French Study", 55-60.

Hayashi, Yasuko / Sekiyama, Kaoru: "Native-Foreign Langage Effect In The McGurk Effect : A Test With Chinese and Japanese", 61-66.

Automatic Analysis and Recognition

Foucher, Elodie / Girin, Laurent / Feng, Gang: "Audiovisual Speech Coder : Using Vector Quantization To Exploit The Audio/Video Correlation", 67-72.

Matthews, Iain / Cootes, Tim / Cox, Stephen / Harvey, Richard / Bangham, J. andrew: "Lipreading Using Shape, Shading and Scale", 73-78.

Yang, Jie / Stiefelhagen, Rainer / Meier, Uwe / Waibel, Alex: "Real-Time Face and Facial Feature Tracking and Applications", 79-84.

Hallgren, Asa / Lyberg, Bertil: "Lip Movements In Non-Focal and Focal Position for Visual Speech Synthesis", 85-88.


Sams, Mikko / Rusanen, Sari: "Integration of Dichotically and Visually Presented Speech Stimuli", 89-92.

Gelder, Beatrice de / Vroomen, Jean / Bertelson, Paul: "Cross-modal Bias of Voice Tone on Facial Expression: Upper versus Lower Halves of a Face", 93-96.

Radeau, Monique: "Auditory-Visual Interactions In Spatial Scene Analysis: Development and Neural Bases", 97-102.

Barker, Jon P. / Berthommier, Frederic / Schwartz, Jean-Luc: "Is Primitive AV Coherence An Aid To Segment The Scene?", 103-108.

Bernstein, Lynne E. / Auer, Edward T. Jr. / Tucker, Paula E.: "Does Training Enhance Visual Speech Perception", 109-114.

Cathiard, Marie-Agnes / Abry, Christian / Schwartz, Jean-Luc: "Visual Perception of Glides Versus Vowels: The Effect of Dynamic Expectancy", 115-120.

Davis, Chris / Kim, Jeesun: "Repeating and Remembering Foreign Language Words: Does Seeing Help?", 121-126.

Lyxell, Bjorn / Ronnberg, Jerker / Andersson, Ulf / Andersson, Jan / Samuelsson, Stefan: "Working Memory and Visual Speech Communication", 127-130.

Vroomen, Jean / Bertelson, Paul / Gelder, Beatrice de: "A Visual Influence in the Discrimination of Auditory Location", 131-134.

Visual Linguistics

Caldognetto, Emanuela Magno / Zmarich, Claudio / Cosi, Piero: "Statistical Definition of Visual Information for Italian Vowels and Consonants", 135-140.

Cerrato, Loredana / Albano Leoni, Federico / Falcone, Mauro: "Is it Possible to Evaluate the Contribution of Visual Information to the Process of Speech Comprehension?", 141-146.

Imaizumi, Kazuya / Hiki, Shizuo / Fukuda, Yumiko: "A Symbolic Descriptive System for Facial Expression Conveying Linguistic Information In Signing", 147-152.

Speechreading, Cued Speech, and Hearing Impairment

Burnham, Denis / Robert-Ribes, Jordi / Ellison, Ruth: "Why Captions Have To Be on Time", 153-156.

Gelder, Beatrice de / Vroomen, Jean / Laeng, Bruno: "Impaired Speechreading Related To Arrested Development of Face Processing", 157-160.

Duchnowski, Paul / Braida, Louis D. / Lum, David / Sexton, Matthew / Krause, Jean / Banthia, Smriti: "Automatic Generation of Cued Speech for The Deaf: Status and Outlook", 161-166.

Gagne, Jean-Pierre / Monday, Kim Le / Desbiens, Christine / Lapalme, Marie / Ducas, Luc: "Evaluation of A Visual-FM System To Enhance Speechreading", 167-170.

Lyxell, Bjorn / Andersson, Ulf: "Phonological Capabilities and Speech Understanding", 171-174.


Arslan, Levent M. / Talkin, David: "3-D Face Point Trajectory Synthesis Using An Automatically Derived Visual Phoneme Similarity Matrix", 175-180.

Hallgren, Asa / Lyberg, Bertil: "Visual Speech Synthesis With Concatenative Speech", 181-184.

Kuratate, Takaaki / Yehia, Hani / Vatikiotis-Bateson, Eric: "Kinematics-Based Synthesis of Realistic Talking Faces", 185-190.

Galanes, Francisco M. / Unverferth, Jack / Arslan, Levent M. / Talkin, David: "Generation of Lip-Synched Synthetic Faces From Phonetically Clustered Face Movement Data", 191-194.

Morishima, Shigeo: "Real-time Talking Head Driven by Voice and its Application to Communication and Entertainment", 195-200.

Cohen, Michael M. / Beskow, Jonas / Massaro, Dominic W.: "Recent Developments In Facial Animation: An Inside View", 201-206.

Reveret, Lionel / Benoit, Christian: "A New 3D Lip Model for Analysis and Synthesis of Lip Motion In Speech Production", 207-212.

Brooke, N. Michael / Scott, Simon D.: "Two- and Three-Dimensional Audio-Visual Speech Synthesis", 213-220.

Tamura, Masatsune / Masuko, Takashi / Kobayashi, Takao / Tokuda, Keiichi: "Visual Speech Synthesis Based on Parameter Generation From HMM: Speech-Driven and Text-And-Speech-Driven Approaches", 221-224.

Yamamoto, Eli / Nakamura, Satoshi / Shikano, Kiyohiro: "Subjective Evaluation for HMM-Based Speech-To-Lip Movement Synthesis", 227-232.

Rubin, Philip / Vatikiotis-Bateson, Eric: "Talking Heads", 233-236.