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Auditory-Visual Speech Processing (AVSP'99)

August 7-10, 1999
Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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[AVSP-1999] Auditory-Visual Speech Processing (AVSP'99), ed. by Dominic Massaro, Santa Cruz, California, USA, August 7-10, 1999, ISCA Archive,

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Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Plenary Papers

Nass, Clifford / Gong, Li: "Maximized Modality or constrained consistency?", paper # 1.

Lewkowicz, David J.: "Infants' perception of the audible, visible and bimodal attributes of talking and singing faces", paper # 2.

Stein, Barry E. / Wallace, Mark T. / Jiang, Wan / Jian, Huai / Vaughn, J. William: "Cross-Modal Integration: Bringing Coherence to the Sensory World", paper # 3.

Auditory/Visual Speech Perception I (Dedicated to Kerry P. Green)

Norrix, Linda W. / Green, Kerry P.: "Visual context effects on the perception of /r/ and /l/: Varying F1 and F2 acoustic characteristics", paper # 4.

Cox, Ethan A. / Norrix, Linda W. / Green, Kerry P.: "The contribution of visual information to on-line sentence processing: Evidence from phoneme monitoring", paper # 5.

Haan, M. de / Campbell, Ruth: "Lateralized event-related cortical potentials in discriminating images of facial speech", paper # 6.

Campbell, Ruth / Calvert, G. / Brammer, M. / MacSweeney, M. / Surguladze, S. / McGuire, P. / Woll, B. / Williams, S. / Amaro, E. / David, A.S.: "Activation in auditory cortex by speechreading in hearing people: FMRI studies", paper # 7.

Kanzaki, Rika / Campbell, Ruth: "Effect of facial brightness reversal on visual and audiovisual speech perception", paper # 8.

Auditory/Visual Speech Perception II

Gagné, J.P. / Charest, M.J. / Rochette, A.J.: "An analysis of the effects of clear speech on the visual-speech intelligibility of consonants", paper # 9.

Seitz, Philip Franz / Grant, Ken W.: "Modality, perceptual encoding speed, and time-course of phonetic information", paper # 10.

Brancazio, Lawrence: "Lexical influences on the McGurk effect", paper # 11.

Davis, Chris / Kim, Jeesun: "Perception of clearly presented foreign language sounds: The effects of visible speech", paper # 12.

Burnham, Denis / Lau, Susanna: "The integration of auditory and visual speech information with foreign speakers: The role of expectancy", paper # 13.

Speech Analysis and Recognition by Machine

Baldwin, James F. / Martin, Trevor P. / Saeed, Mehreen: "Automatic computer lip-reading using fuzzy set theory", paper # 14.

Movellan, Javier R. / Mineiro, Paul: "A diffusion network approach to visual speech recognition", paper # 15.

Niyogi, Partha / Petajan, Eric / Zhong, Jialin: "Feature based representation for audio-visual speech recognition", paper # 16.

Talle, B. / Wichert, A.: "Audio-visual sensor fusion with neural architectures", paper # 17.

Senior, Andrew / Neti, Chalapathy V. / Maison, Benoit: "On the use of visual information for improving audio-based speaker recognition", paper # 18.

Correspondences between Auditory and Visual Speech and Auditory Speech to Visual Speech (AStVS) Synthesis

Barker, J. P. / Berthommier, F.: "Estimation of speech acoustics from visual speech features: A comparison of linear and non-linear models", paper # 19.

Vatikiotis-Bateson, E. / Kuratate, Takaaki / Kamachi, Myuki / Yehia, Hani: "Facial deformation parameters for audiovisual synthesis", paper # 20.

Agelfors, Eva / Beskow, Jonas / Granström, Björn / Lundeberg, Magnus / Salvi, Giampiero / Spens, Karl-Eric / Öhman, Tobias: "Synthetic visual speech driven from auditory speech", paper # 21.

Vignoli, Fabio / Braccini, Carlo: "A text-speech synchronization technique with applications to talking heads", paper # 22.

Massaro, Dominic W. / Beskow, Jonas / Cohen, Michael M. / Fry, Christopher L. / Rodriguez, Tony: "Picture my voice: Audio to visual speech synthesis using artificial neural networks", paper # 23.

Communicating Characters

Imaizumi, Kazuya / Hiki, Shizuo / Fukuda, Yumiko: "A symbolic system for multi-purpose description of the mouth shapes", paper # 24.

Fries, Georg / Paradiso, Aldo / Nack, Frank / Schuhmacher, Karlheinz: "A tool for designing MPEG-4 compliant expressions and animations on VRML cartoon-faces", paper # 25.

Lundeberg, Magnus / Beskow, Jonas: "Developing a 3D-agent for the august dialogue system", paper # 26.

Olives, Jean-Luc / Mottonen, Riikka / Kulju, Janne / Sams, Mikko: "Audio-visual speech synthesis for finnish", paper # 27.

Ritter, Max / Meier, Uwe / Yang, Jie / Waibel, Alex: "Face translation: A multimodal translation agent", paper # 28.

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