InSTIL/ICALL 2004 Symposium on Computer Assisted Learning

June 17-19, 2004
Venice, Italy

Using NLP Technology in CALL

Cara Greene, Katrina Keogh, Thomas Koller, Joachim Wagner, Monica Ward, Josef van Genabith

School of Computing, Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland

This paper outlines the research and guiding research principles of the (I)CALL group at Dublin City University, Ireland. Our research activities include the development of (I)CALL systems targeted at a variety of user groups including advanced Romance language learners, intermediate to advanced German learners, primary and secondary school students as well as students with L1 learning disabilities requiring a variety of system types which cater to individual user needs and abilities. Suitable CL/NLP technology is incorporated where appropriate for the learner.

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Greene, Cara / Keogh, Katrina / Koller, Thomas / Wagner, Joachim / Ward, Monica / Genabith, Josef van (2004): "Using NLP technology in CALL", In ICALL-2004, paper 014.