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ITRW on Multi-Modal Dialogue in Mobile Environments (IDS-02)

June 17-19, 2002
Kloster Irsee, Germany

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[IDS-2002] Multi-Modal Dialogue in Mobile Environments, ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop (ITRW), Kloster Irsee, Germany, June 17-19, 2002, ISCA Archive,

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Aalburg   Almeida   Amdal   Azzini   Bakx   Balan   Beaugeant   Beires   Bell   Bernsen   BERTON   Beskow   Bloom   Boualem   Boves   Bohus   Boye   Bühler (2)   Bühler (50)   Carpenter   Caskey   CLASS   Coulston   Cranen   Dale   Damper   Dybkjær   Eckhart   Edlund (15)   Edlund (29)   Edlund (31)   Estève   Filoche   Finan   Fingscheidt   Forkl   Furui   Geldof   Giorgino   Girand   Gomes   Grashey   Gustafson   Häußler   Haiber (1)   HAIBER (tutorial)   Hall   Halonen   Heger   Heisterkamp (1)   Heisterkamp (49)   Hellenschmidt   Hemsen   HÜNING   Iwano   JAMESON   Kapanen   Katsurada   Kawahara   Kellner   Knudsen   Kobayashi   Kompe   Krüger   Küpper   Kvale   Macherey   Mellander   Minker (1)   Minker (2)   Minker (50)   Mitta   Möller   de Mori   Müller   Nakamura   Nardelli   Neuss   Ney   Niklfeld   Nordstrand (29)   Nordstrand (31)   Okuno   Orlandi   den Os   Oviatt   Pakucs   Phillips   Pieraccini   Portele   Power   Pucher   Rapp   Raymond   Rognioni   Rosca   Rudnicky   Rugelbak   Salminen   Scheible   Schneider   Schuster   Springer   Stan   Stevens   Sturm   Tallec   Tamura   Terken   Torge   Wang   Warakagoda   Wesson   Wills   Wirén   Woudenberg   Xiao   Yamada   Yamakata  

Names written in boldface refer to first authors, in CAPITAL letters to keynote and tutorial speakers. Full papers can be accessed from the abstracts (ISCA members only). Please note that each abstract opens in a separate window.

Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Keynote Sessions

Jameson, Anthony: "Usabillity issues and methods for mobile multimodal systems", paper KN1.

Bernsen, Niels Ole: Modality Theory and Speech Functionality in Mobile Environments [paper not available]

Tutorial Session

Hüning, Harald / Berton, André / Haiber, Udo / Class, Fritz: "Speech recognition methods and their potential for dialogue systems in mobile environments", tutorial paper.

Oral Session: Speech Recognition for Multi-Modal Dialogue in Mobile Environments

Tamura, Satoshi / Iwano, Koji / Furui, Sadaoki: "A robust multi-modal speech recognition method using optical-flow analysis", paper 12.

Aalburg, Stefanie / Beaugeant, Christophe / Stan, Sorel / Fingscheidt, Tim / Balan, Radu / Rosca, Justinian: "Single- and two-channel noise reduction for robust speech recognition", paper 18.

Estève, Yannick / Raymond, Christian / De Mori, Renato: "On the use of structures in language models for dialogue - specific solutions For specific problems", paper 38.

Poster Session: User Interface Issues I & Advanced Multi-Modal Systems I

Bühler, Dirk / Minker, Wolfgang / Häußler, Jochen / Krüger, Sven: "The Smartkom mobile multi-modal dialogue system", paper 2.

Edlund, Jens / Beskow, Jonas / Nordstrand, Magnus: "GESOM (Generic System Output Model) - a model for sescribing and generating multi-modal output", paper 29.

Edlund, Jens / Nordstrand, Magnus: "Turn-taking gestures and hourglasses in a multi-modal dialogue system", paper 31.

Möller, Sebastian: "Towards quantifying the influence of user expectation on the quality of mobile services", paper 3.

Power, G. / Damper, Robert I. / Hall, W. / Wills, G. B.: "Realism and naturalness in a conversational multi-modal interface", paper 16.

Oral Session: Advanced Multi-Modal Systems II

Kellner, Andreas / Portele, Thomas: "SPICE - A multimodal conversational user interface to an electronic program guide", paper 36.

Torge, Sunna / Rapp, Stefan / Kompe, Ralf: "The planning component of an intelligent human-machine interface in changing environments", paper 40.

Bernsen, Niels Ole / Dybkjær, Laila: "A multimodal virtual co-driver's problems with the driver", paper 48.

Bühler, Dirk / Minker, Wolfgang: "An architecture for a logic-based human-machine dialogue", paper 50.

Oral Session: Design Issues for Mobile Environments

Schuster, Matthias / Grashey, Stefan / Heger, Hans Jörg / Küpper, Wolfgang: "Intuitive authentication in multi-modal devices - A new approach in multi-modal biometrics", paper 9.

Müller, Christian: "Multimodal dialog in a mobile pedestrian navigation system", paper 14.

Pieraccini, Roberto / Carpenter, Bob / Woudenberg, Eric / Caskey, Sasha / Springer, Stephen / Bloom, Jonathan / Phillips, Michael: "Multi-Modal Spoken Dialog with Wireless Devices", paper 32.

Oral Sessions: Systems Architecture

Almeida, Luis / Amdal, Ingunn / Beires, Nuno / Boualem, Malek / Boves, Lou / Os, Els den / Filoche, Pascal / Gomes, Rui / Knudsen, Jan Eikeset / Kvale, Knut / Rugelbak, John / Tallec, Claude / Warakagoda, Narada: "The MUST Guide to Paris; Implementation and expert evaluation of a multimodal tourist guide to Paris", paper 4.

Forkl, Yves / Hellenschmidt, Michael: "Mastering Agent Communication in EMBASSI on the Basis of a Formal Ontology", paper 6.

Niklfeld, Georg / Pucher, Michael / Finan, Robert / Eckhart, Wolfgang: "Steps towards multi-modal data services in GPRS and in UMTS or WLAN networks", paper 17.

Azzini, Ivani / Giorgino, Toni / Nardelli, Luca / Orlandi, Marco / Rognoni, Carola: "An architecture for a multi-modal web browser", paper 21.

Gustafson, Joakim / Bell, Linda / Boye, Johan / Edlund, Jens / Wirén, Mats: "Constraint manipulation and visualization in a multimodal dialogue system", paper 15.

Macherey, Klaus / Ney, Hermann: "Scoring criteria for tree based dialogue course management", paper 23.

Katsurada, Kouichi / Yamada, Hirobumi / Nakamura, Yusaku / Kobayashi, Satoshi / Nitta, Tsuneo: "XISL: A devices/contents independent MMI description language", paper 41.

Bohus, Dan / Rudnicky, Alex: "LARRI: A language-based maintenance and repair assistant", paper 44.

Poster Session: Applications for Mobile Environments & Evaluation of Multi-Modal Dialogue Strategies and Systems

Pakucs, Botond: "VoiceXML-based dynamic plug and play dialogue management for mobile environments", paper 22.

Schneider, René / Heisterkamp, Paul: "Connecting mobile dialogue systems to the World Wide Web", paper 49.

Minker, Wolfgang / Haiber, Udo / Heisterkamp, Paul / Scheible, Sven: "Intelligent dialogue strategy for accessing infotainment applications in mobile environments", paper 1.

Halonen, Katriina / Salminen, Henri / Kapanen, Pekka: "Ringing tones for mobile phones by voice: usability study", paper 5.

Sturm, Janienke / Cranen, Bert / Wang, Fusi / Terken, Jacques / Bakx, Ilse: "The Effect of User Experience on Interaction With Multimodal Systems", paper 19.

Hemsen, Holmer: "A testbed for evaluating multimodal dialogue systems for small screen devices", paper 47.

Oral Session: User Interface Issues II

Neuss, Robert: "Usability engineering as approach to multi-modal human-machine interaction", paper 20.

Oviatt, Sharon / Stevens, Courtney / Coulston, Rachel / Xiao, Benfang / Wesson, Matt / Girand, Cynthia / Mellander, Evan: "Toward adaptive conversational interfaces: Modeling speech convergence with animated personas", paper 27.

Geldof, Sabine / Dale, Robert: "Improving route directions on mobile devices", paper 42.

Yamakata, Yoko / Kawahara, Tatsuya / Okuno, Hiroshi G.: "Belief network based disambiguation of object reference in spoken dialogue system for robot", paper 46.