International Symposium on Chinese Spoken Language Processing (ISCSLP 2002)

Taipei, Taiwan
August 23-24, 2002

Concatenative Mandarin TTS Accommodating Isolated English Words

Zhenli Yu, Dongjian Yue, Jian-Cheng Huang

Motorola China Research Center, Shanghai, China

An experiment to explore the method realizing a concatenative Chinese TTS accommodating isolated English words is presented. The experiment was based on an existing concatenative Mandarin TTS system, developed in Motorola China Research Center. The experimental system employs an English word synthesizer based on the concatenation of speech segments stored in an English corpus. The original English corpus contains isolated words uttered by a professional English speaker. The Chinese speaker who uttered the Mandarin TTS speech corpus uttered the same set of English words. The English word corpus uttered by the English speaker was then modified by the English word corpus uttered by the Mandarin speaker, on a word-byword basis. A voice conversion technique is applied to modify the English word corpus. The voice conversion is focused on the voiced phones. The conversion process is basically a pitch scaling and spectral envelope scaling based on a phone level average.

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Bibliographic reference.  Yu, Zhenli / Yue, Dongjian / Huang, Jian-Cheng (2002): "Concatenative Mandarin TTS accommodating isolated English words", In ISCSLP 2002, paper 42.