Non-Linear Speech Processing (NOLISP 03)

May 20-23, 2003
Le Croisic, France

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[NOLISP-2003] ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop on non-linear speech processing (NOLISP 03), ISCA Archive,

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Abalo   Abu-Amer   Alsteris   Atal   Aversano   Barcaroli   Benaroya   Besacier   Bimbot   Bonastre   Boudraa   Carson-Berndsen   Chetouani   Chollet (026)   Chollet (029)   Costa   Debiolles   Díaz-de-María   Dimitriadis   Doncarli   Esposito   FAÚNDEZ-ZANUY (001)   Faúndez-Zanuy (COST277)   Fernández-Lorenzana   Févotte   Frisina, D. Robert   Frisina, Robert D.   Fu   Gallardo-Antolín   García-Cabellos   Gas   Gravier   Gribonval   Guillamon   Hannani   Indrebo   Johnson (005)   Johnson (017)   Johnson (019)   Johnson (020)   Kim   Kubin   Lamy   Linares   Lindberg   Liu   Maragos (024)   Maragos (025)   Martinez, F.   Martinez, J. J.   Modic   Murphy   Nishikawa   Ouamour-Sayoud   Paliwal (010)   Paliwal (011)   Peláez-Moreno   Pérez-Cruz   Petek   Petrovska-Delacrétaz   Pichevar   Pitsikalis   Povinelli (005)   Povinelli (017)   Povinelli (019)   Povinelli (020)   Rank   Rouat   Salvi   Saruwatari   Sayoud   Schoentgen   Shikano   Vandana   Walker   Ye (019)   Ye (020)   Zarader  

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Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Faúndez-Zanuy, Marcos: "What can predictive speech coders learn from speaker recognizers?", paper 001.

Lamy, Richard / Besacier, Laurent: "Nonlinear acoustical preprocessing for multiple sampling rates ASR and ASR in noisy condition", paper 002.

Vandana, Mohan: "M-ary predictive coding: a nonlinear model for speech", paper 003.

Kim, Sung-Hee / Frisina, Robert D. / Frisina, D. Robert: "Effects of age on speech understanding in normal hearing listeners: relationships between the auditory efferent system and speech intelligibility in noise", paper 004.

Liu, Xiaolin / Povinelli, Richard J. / Johnson, Michael T.: "Vowel classification by global dynamic modeling", paper 005.

Pichevar, Ramin / Rouat, Jean: "Double-vowel segregation through temporal correlation: a bio-inspired neural network paradigm", paper 006.

Ouamour-Sayoud, S. / Sayoud, H. / Boudraa, M.: "Application of the MLVQ1 in speaker identification", paper 007.

Nishikawa, Tsuyoki / Saruwatari, Hiroshi / Shikano, Kiyohiro: "Stable learning algorithm for low-distortion blind separation of real speech mixture combining multistage ICA and linear prediction", paper 008.

Abu-Amer, Tarek / Carson-Berndsen, Julie: "HARTFEX: a multi-dimentional system of HMM based recognisers for articulatory features extraction", paper 009.

Paliwal, Kuldip K. / Atal, Bishnu S.: "Representing frequencies in speech", paper 010.

Paliwal, Kuldip K. / Alsteris, Leigh: "Usefulness of phase in human speech perception", paper 011.

Chetouani, Mohamed / Gas, B. / Zarader, J. L.: "Maximization of the modelisation error ratio for neural predictive coding", paper 012.

Walker, Jacqueline: "Application of the bispectrum to glottal pulse analysis", paper 013.

Salvi, Giampiero: "Truncation error and dynamics in very low latency phonetic recognition", paper 014.

Martinez, F. / Guillamon, Antonio / Martinez, J. J.: "Vowel and consonant characterization using fractal dimension in natural speech", paper 015.

Modic, Robert / Lindberg, Børge / Petek, Bojan: "Comparative wavelet and MFCC speech recognition experiments on the Slovenian and English speechdat2", paper 016.

Indrebo, Kevin M. / Povinelli, Richard J. / Johnson, Michael T.: "A combined sub-band and reconstructed phase space approach to phoneme classification", paper 017.

Fu, Qiang / Murphy, Peter: "Adaptive inverse filtering for high accuracy estimation of the glottal source", paper 018.

Ye, Jinjin / Johnson, Michael T. / Povinelli, Richard J.: "Phoneme classification over the reconstructed phase space using principal component analysis", paper 019.

Ye, Jinjin / Johnson, Michael T. / Povinelli, Richard J.: "Study of attractor variation in the reconstructed phase space of speech signals", paper 020.

Barcaroli, L. / Linares, G. / Costa, J.-P. / Bonastre, Jean-Francois: "Nonlinear GSM echo cancellation: application to speech recognition", paper 021.

Schoentgen, Jean: "On the bandwidth of a shaping function model of the phonatory excitation signal", paper 022.

Févotte, Cédric / Debiolles, Alexandra / Doncarli, Christian: "Blind source separation of FIR convolutive mixtures: application to speech signals", paper 023.

Pitsikalis, Vassilis / Maragos, Petros: "Some advances on speech analysis using generalized dimensions", paper 024.

Dimitriadis, Dimitrios / Maragos, Petros: "Continuous-time models for AM-FM signal demodulation and their application to speech recognition", paper 025.

Aversano, Guido / Esposito, Anna / Chollet, Gérard: "A JAVA interface for speech analysis and segmentation", paper 026.

Rank, Erhard / Kubin, Gernot: "Towards an oscillator-plus-noise model for speech synthesis", paper 027.

Fernández-Lorenzana, Ramón / Pérez-Cruz, Fernando / García-Cabellos, José Miguel / Peláez-Moreno, Carmen / Gallardo-Antolín, Ascensión / Díaz-de-María, Fernando: "Some experiments on speaker-independent isolated digit recognition using SVM classifiers", paper 028.

Petrovska-Delacrétaz, Dijana / Abalo, Marcos / Hannani, Asmaa El / Chollet, Gérard: "Data-driven speech segmentation for language identification and speaker verification", paper 029.

Benaroya, L. / Bimbot, Frédéric / Gravier, G. / Gribonval, R.: "Audio source separation with one sensor for robust speech recognition", paper 030.

Faúndez-Zanuy, Marcos: "Overview over COST-277 Current Research?".