Odyssey 2010: The Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop

Brno, Czech Republic
28 June – 1 July 2010

SPES: The BKA Forensic Automatic Voice Comparison System

Timo Becker, Michael Jessen (1), Sebastian Alsbach, Franz Broß, Torsten Meier (2)

(1) Federal Criminal Police Office, (2) University of Applied Sciences Koblenz

The BKA voice comparison system SPES is designed for forensic examination of speech recordings. The classical GMM-UBM framework based on MAP adaptation as described by Reynolds et al. is extended by the generation of recording adapted background models (RABMs). We present results from experiments using real case data. These results show how the most critical properties of real case recordings such as duration, channel, and samples per speaker influence system performance.

Full Paper (PDF)

Bibliographic reference.  Becker, Timo / Jessen, Michael / Alsbach, Sebastian / Broß, Franz / Meier, Torsten (2010): "SPES: The BKA Forensic Automatic Voice Comparison System", In Odyssey-2010, paper 011.