Second ISCA/DEGA Tutorial and Research Workshop on Perceptual Quality of Systems

Berlin, Germany
September 4-6, 2006

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[PQS-2006] Second ISCA/DEGA Tutorial and Research Workshop on Perceptual Quality of Systems, Berlin, Germany, September 2006, ISCA Archive,

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Adiloglu   Austreim   BLAUERT   Chateau   Chen, Shi-Han   Chen, Shun-Ju   Côté   Durin   Dyrbusch   Emstad   Engelbrecht   Franinovic   Gautier-Turbin   Genell   Gierlich   Gros   Hammer   Hayashi   Heimansberg   Hellerud   Hempel   Heute   Hoffmann   Holub   Houix   Huo   Jameson   Jekosch   Joost   Katz   Kettler   Klasmeyer   Kleiner   KNOCHE   Krebber   Kuhn   Kuo   Larsson   Lemaitre   Macé   Mahdi (96)   Mahdi (123)   McKinney   Merchel   Misdariis   Möller (56)   Möller (61)   Möller (103)   Möller (115)   Motlová   Obermayer   Oulasvirta   Pegam   Pellegrini   Polotti   Poschen   Purwins   Raake (40)   Raake (103)   Raake (115)   Rath   Reichl   Rocchesso   SASSE   Scholz   Silzle   Sköld   Skowronek   Smíd   Susini   Svensson   Tomíska   Undheim   Västfjäll   Visell   Voldhaug   Wältermann   Yamagishi  

Names written in boldface refer to first authors, in CAPITAL letters to keynote and invited papers. Full papers can be accessed from the abstracts (ISCA members only). Please note that each abstract opens in a separate window.

Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Keynote Papers

Sasse, M. Angela / Knoche, Hendrik: "Quality in context - an ecological approach to assessing QoS for mobile TV", 11-20.

Blauert, Jens: "Real worlds, virtual worlds - and the roots of psychoacoustics", 149-151.

Sound Design

Jekosch, Ute: "Sound perception and sound design", 21-22.

Västfjäll, Daniel / Larsson, Pontus / Genell, Anders / Sköld, Anders / Kleiner, Mendel: "A neuropsychological theory of sound design: implications for auditory icons in vehicles", 23-25.

Quality of Virtual Environments

Silzle, Andreas: "Towards a new method for developing objective quality taxonomies", 26-33.

Kuhn, Clemens / Pellegrini, Renato S.: "Interior car sound simulation using binaural processing for wave field synthesis reproduction", 34-39.

Raake, Alexander / Katz, Brian F. G.: "Measurement and prediction of speech intelligibility in a virtual chat room", 40-43.

Quality of Music

Merchel, Sebastian / Hoffmann, Rüdiger: "Subjective evaluation of musical instruments on the basis of solo pieces of music", 44-47.

Skowronek, Janto / McKinney, Martin F.: "Quality of music classification systems: how to build the reference?", 48-55.

Quality of Speech Technology

Möller, Sebastian / Heimansberg, Johannes: "Estimation of TTS quality in telephone environments using a reference-free quality prediction model", 56-60.

Oulasvirta, Antti / Engelbrecht, Klaus-Peter / Jameson, Anthony / Möller, Sebastian: "The relationship between user errors and perceived usability of a spoken dialogue system", 61-67.

Krebber, Rosa Pegam (1, Jan: "User expectations and selected notions in the context of the spoken dialogue system INSPIRE", 68-75.

Hempel, Thomas: "Usability of telephone-based speech dialog systems as experienced by user groups of different age and background", 76-78.

Methodologies and Methods

Chen, Shi-Han / Chen, Shun-Ju / Kuo, Chih-Chung: "Comparison and analysis of listening test methods for development of perceptual speech quality assessment", 79-84.

Rath, Matthias: "On the relevance of auditory feedback for subjective and objective quality of control in a balancing task", 85-88.

Chateau, Noël / Gros, Laetitia / Durin, Virginie / Macé, Amélie: "Redrawing the link between customer satisfaction and speech quality", 89-95.

Quality in Telecommunications

Mahdi, Abdulhussain E.: "Advances in perceptual speech quality assessment", 96-102.

Wältermann, Marcel / Raake, Alexander / Möller, Sebastian: "Perceptual dimensions of wideband-transmitted speech", 103-108.

Huo, Lu / Scholz, Kirstin / Heute, Ulrich: "Idealized system for studying the speech-quality dimension "directness/frequency content"", 109-114.

Côté, Nicolas / Gautier-Turbin, Valérie / Raake, Alexander / Möller, Sebastian: "Analysis of a quality prediction model for wideband speech quality, the WB-PESQ", 115-122.

Mahdi, Abdulhussain E.: "Non-intrusive SOM-based speech quality assessment for telephony applications", 123-130.

Kettler, Frank / Gierlich, H. W. / Poschen, S. / Dyrbusch, S.: "Speech quality for mobile phones: what is achievable with today²s technology?", 131-136.

Audio and Video Quality

Voldhaug, Jan Erik / Hellerud, Erik / Undheim, Astrid / Austreim, Erling / Svensson, U. Peter / Emstad, Peder J.: "Effects of network architecture on perceived audio quality", 137-142.

Yamagishi, Kazuhisa / Hayashi, Takanori: "Verification of video quality opinion model for videophone services", 143-148.

Quality in Cars and Rooms

Klasmeyer, Gudrun: "Perceptual quality of speech transmission and speech enhancement systems in vehicles", 152-159.

Holub, Jan / Motlová, Jana / Smíd, Radislav / Tomíska, Ondøej: "Objective assessment of speech distribution quality by means of unconventional PESQ application - a case study", 160-163.

Susini, Patrick / Misdariis, Nicolas / Lemaitre, Guillaume / Houix, Olivier / Rocchesso, Davide / Polotti, Pietro / Franinovic, Karmen / Visell, Yon / Obermayer, Klaus / Purwins, Hendrik / Adiloglu, Kamil: "Closing the loop of sound evaluation and design", 164-166.

Joost, Gesche: "The rhetoric of HCI: a communication model for the design and evaluation process", 167-170.

Reichl, Peter / Hammer, Florian: "Charging for quality-of-experience: a new paradigm for pricing IP-based service", 171-177.