Prosody in Speech Recognition and Understanding

October 22-24, 2001
Molly Pitcher Inn, Red Bank, NJ, USA

The Role of Prosody in a Voicemail Summarization System

Konstantinos Koumpis, Steve Renals

Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield, UK

When a speaker leaves a voicemail message there are prosodic cues that emphasize the important points in the message, in addition to lexical content. In this paper we compare and visualize the relative contribution of these two types of features within a voicemail summarization system. We describe the system's ability to generate summaries of two test sets, having trained and validated using 700 messages from the IBM Voicemail corpus. Results measuring the quality of summary artifacts show that combined lexical and prosodic features are at least as robust as combined lexical features alone across all operating conditions.

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Bibliographic reference.  Koumpis, Konstantinos / Renals, Steve (2001): "The role of prosody in a voicemail summarization system", In Prosody-2001, paper 16.