ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop on Statistical and Perceptual Audio Processing

ICC Jeju, Korea
October 3, 2004

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[SAPA-2004] Statistical and Perceptual Audio Processing, ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop, ISCA Archive,

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Araki   Asano   Asoh   Athineos   Drygajlo   Ellis (106)   Ellis (129)   Ellis (137)   Gelbart   Goto   Hemmert   Hermansky (129)   Hermansky (136)   Hershey   Holmberg   Hu   Jojic   Kameoka   Kinoshita   Klapuri   Kristjansson   Lathoud   Lee   Loureiro   Makino   McCowan   Miyoshi   Nakatani   Nishimoto   Obuchi   Okuno   Paula   Prasad   Prodanov   Raj   Reddy   Reyes-Gomez   Röbel   Ryynänen   Sagayama   Saruwatari   Sawada   Shikano   Smaragdis   Takahashi   Virtanen   Winter   Yeh   Yehia   Yoshii   Zhang   Zolfaghari  

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Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Session I

Reyes-Gomez, Manuel / Jojic, Nebojsa / Ellis, Daniel P. W.: "Towards single-channel unsupervised source separation of speech mixtures: the layered harmonics/formants separation-tracking model", paper 137.

Reddy, Aarthi M. / Raj, Bhiksha: "Soft mask estimation for single channel speaker separation", paper 158.

Winter, Stefan / Sawada, Hiroshi / Araki, Shoko / Makino, Shoji: "Hierarchical clustering applied to overcomplete BSS for convolutive mixtures", paper 48.

Virtanen, Tuomas: "Separation of sound sources by convolutive sparse coding", paper 55.

Asano, Futoshi / Asoh, Hideki: "Sound source localization and separation based on the EM algorithm", paper 37.

Lathoud, Guillaume / McCowan, Iain A.: "A sector-based approach for localization of multiple speakers with microphone arrays", paper 93.

Session II

Hermansky, Hynek: "Stochastic techniques in deriving perceptual knowledge", paper 136.

Yeh, Chunghsin / Röbel, Axel: "Physical principles driven joint evaluation of multiple f0 hypotheses", paper 109.

Nakatani, Tomohiro / Kinoshita, Keisuke / Miyoshi, Masato / Zolfaghari, Parham S.: "Harmonicity based blind dereverberation with time warping", paper 53.

Hu, Guoning / , DeLiang Wang: "Auditory segmentation based on event detection", paper 62.

Ellis, Daniel P. W. / Lee, Keansub: "Features for segmenting and classifying long-duration recordings of "personal" audio", paper 106.

Session III

Athineos, Marios / Hermansky, Hynek / Ellis, Daniel P. W.: "PLP-squared: autoregressive modeling of auditory-like 2-d spectro-temporal patterns", paper 129.

Hemmert, Werner / Holmberg, Marcus / Gelbart, David: "Auditory-based automatic speech recognition", paper 74.

Hershey, John / Kristjansson, Trausti / Zhang, Zhengyou: "Model-based fusion of bone and air sensors for speech enhancement and robust speech recognition", paper 139.

Prasad, Rajkishore / Saruwatari, Hiroshi / Shikano, Kiyohiro: "MAP estimation of speech spectral component under GGD a priori", paper 115.

Obuchi, Yasunari: "Multiple-microphone robust speech recognition using decoder-based channel selection", paper 52.

Prodanov, Plamen / Drygajlo, Andrzej: "Bayesian networks for error handling through multimodality fusion in spoken dialogues with mobile robots", paper 70.

Session IV

Paula, Hugo de / Yehia, Hani / Loureiro, Mauricio A.: "Representation and classification of the timbre space of a single musical instrument", paper 86.

Sagayama, Shigeki / Takahashi, Keigo / Kameoka, Hirokazu / Nishimoto, Takuya: "Specmurt anasylis: a piano-roll-visualization of polyphonic music signal by deconvolution of log-frequency spectrum", paper 128.

Yoshii, Kazuyoshi / Goto, Masataka / Okuno, Hiroshi G.: "Drum sound identification for polyphonic music using template adaptation and matching methods", paper 51.

Ryynänen, Matti P. / Klapuri, Anssi P.: "Modelling of note events for singing transcription", paper 40.

Smaragdis, Paris: "Discovering auditory objects through non-negativity constraints", paper 161.