ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop on Statistical and Perceptual Audition (SAPA2008)

Brisbane, Australia
September 21, 2008

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[SAPA-2008] ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop on Statistical And Perceptual Audition (SAPA2008), Brisbane, Australia, September 21, 2008; ISCA Archive,

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Names written in boldface refer to first authors. Full papers can be accessed from the abstracts (ISCA members only). Two keynote papers were given; however, neither title nor abstract were included in the original proceedings. Please note that each abstract opens in a separate window.

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Roux, Jonathan Le / Kameoka, Hirokazu / Ono, Nobutaka / Cheveigné, Alain de / Sagayama, Shigeki: "Computational auditory induction by missing-data non-negative matrix factorization", 1-6.

Markaki, Maria / Holzapfel, Andre / Stylianou, Yannis: "Singing voice detection using modulation frequency feature", 7-10.

Hu, Ke / Divenyi, Pierre / Ellis, Daniel P. W. / Jin, Zhaozhang / Shinn-Cunningham, Barbara G. / Wang, DeLiang: "Preliminary intelligibility tests of a monaural speech segregation system", 11-16.


Virtanen, Tuomas / Mesaros, Annamaria / Ryynänen, Matti: "Combining pitch-based inference and non-negative spectrogram factorization in separating vocals from polyphonic music", 17-22.

Roux, Jonathan Le / Ono, Nobutaka / Sagayama, Shigeki: "Explicit consistency constraints for STFT spectrograms and their application to phase reconstruction", 23-28.

Lammert, Adam / Ellis, Daniel P. W. / Divenyi, Pierre: "Data-driven articulatory inversion incorporating articulator priors", 29-34.

Ezzat, Tony / Poggio, Tomaso: "Discriminative word-spotting using ordered spectro-temporal patch features", 35-40.