ESCA Tutorial and Research Workshop on
Speech Input/Output Assessment and Speech Databases

Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands
September 20-23, 1989

Evaluation and Development of the KTH Text-To-Speech System on the Segmental Level

Rolf Carlson, Björn Granström

Dept. of Speech Communication and Music Acoustics, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

The KTH text-to-speech system has been under development for many years (Carlson & Granstrom, 1975; Carlson, Granstrom & Hunnicutt, 1982). Different parts of the system have been given priority at different times. The segmental quality has been and still is an important area. Evaluation of this aspect has been carried out at regular intervals. The basic test has been a nonsense VCV test, presented to naive listeners after a standard training session. At the workshop, the last years' results from these nonsense word tests will be presented. The results will be compared to similar tests on other systems.

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Bibliographic reference.  Carlson, Rolf / Granström, Björn (1989): "Evaluation and development of the KTH text-to-speech system on the segmental level", In SIOA-1989, Vol.2, 11-14.