ESCA Tutorial and Research Workshop on
Speech Input/Output Assessment and Speech Databases

Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands
September 20-23, 1989

A Comparative Analysis of the Magnitude Estimation and the Pair Comparison Techniques for Use in Assessing Quality of Text-To-Speech Synthesis

Chaslav V. Pavlovic, Christel Sorin, Jean Pierre Roumiquiere, Jean Pierre Lucas

Centre National d'Etudes des Telecommunications, Lannion, France

The study cross-validates the magnitude estimation (ME) procedure and the pair comparisons (PC) procedure for use in scaling the quality of text-to-speech synthesis. To this goal the psychophysical scale values obtained from the ME procedure were compared to the values obtained from the PC procedure. In the PC procedure the subject indicates his preference for one of two stimuli. The ME procedure requires the subject to make direct numerical estimations of the sensory magnitudes produced by different stimuli. Four different synthesis systems and three different prosodic rules were scaled. The results indicate a good general agreement between the results of the two procedures.

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Bibliographic reference.  Pavlovic, Chaslav V. / Sorin, Christel / Roumiquiere, Jean Pierre / Lucas, Jean Pierre (1989): "A comparative analysis of the magnitude estimation and the pair comparison techniques for use in assessing quality of text-to-speech synthesis", In SIOA-1989, Vol.2, 91-93.