ESCA Tutorial and Research Workshop on
Speech Input/Output Assessment and Speech Databases

Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands
September 20-23, 1989

Standardization of Synthetic Speech Quality for Telecommunication Purposes

Michel Cartier (1), Christer Karlsson (2), Giulio Modena (3)

(1) CNET, BP 40, Lannion, France
(2) Swedish Telecom Administration, Färsta, Sweden
(3) CSELT, Torino, Italy

CCITT (international organization concerned with telecommunication networks, interfaces and terminals) is preparing a Recommendation about the evaluation of speech synthesis quality. In this paper methods under considerations are described, with special emphasis on multiscale opinion ratings. Several points remain open: reference systems, listening conditions, specification of speech material, addition to the Recommendation of a description of intelligibility tests using semantically anomalous sentences.

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Cartier, Michel / Karlsson, Christer / Modena, Giulio (1989): "Standardization of synthetic speech quality for telecommunication purposes", In SIOA-1989, Vol.2, 99-102.