Speech and Language Technology for Disabled Persons

Stockholm, Sweden
May 31 - June 2, 1993

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[SLTDP-93] Speech and Language Technology for Disabled Persons, Stockholm, Sweden, May 31 - June 2, 1993, ISCA Archive, http://www.isca-speech.org/archive_open/sltdp_93

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Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Risberg, Arne: "The development of speech-processing aids for the DEAF - past, present and future", 9-14.

Döring, Wolfgang Helmut / Hirsch, Hans-Günter: "Speech intelligibility improvement for people with cochlear implants", 15-18.

Peeters, S. / Offeciers, F. E. / Moeneclaey, L.: "The laura cochlear implant programmed with the continuous interleaved strategy and phase-locked continuous interleaved", 19-22.

Nevison, Barry: "New coding strategy for the nucleus speech processor", 23-26.

Summers, Ian R. / Gray, Ruth: "Comparison of speech features for presentation to the profoundly DEAF", 27-30.

Jamieson, Donald G. / Schneider, Todd: "Consumer-based electroacoustic hearing aid measures", 31-34.

Walliker, John / Daley, Julian / Smith, Kerensa / Faulkner, Andrew / Fourcin, Adrian: "Speech analytic hearing aids for the profoundly DEAF: technical design aspects and user field trial results", 35-38.

Dalsgaard, Paul / Andersen, Ove / Hansen, Viggo Moss: "Tactile representation of selected acoustic-phonetic features for use in lipreading", 39-42.

Eskenazi, Maxine / Vormes, E. / Monguillot, G. / Frachet, B.: "A new training and assessment technique for cochlear implants", 43-46.

Engebretson, A. Maynard: "Issues of reverberation regarding acoustic prosthetic devices", 47-50.

Bauer, D. / Geiger, J. C. / Beerwerth, R.: "Speech signal conditioning communication aids for the impaired with severe auditory sensory damages", 51-54.

Piroth, Hans Georg / Arnhold, Thomas / Lindow, Hans: "The execution of tracking experiments with a system for the synthesis of tactile speech equivalents", 55-58.

Ellis, E. M. / Robinson, A. J.: "A tactile system for speech listening based on phonetic representation", 59-62.

Crestel, J. / Guitton, M.: "Alaryngeal female speech: an approach for the restoration of gender", 63-66.

Hermansen, K. / Fink, F. K. / Hartmann, U.: "Parametric transformation of speech signals", 67-70.

Hustinx, Claude: "Computer aided learning in the new educational approach to surdity", 71-74.

Rensonnet, Georges: "Symbol: multilingual and multicode lexical learning systemon CD-i environment", 75-78.

Cook, Birgit: "A multi-media program exercising the basics in lip-reading, cued-speech and sign-language vocabulary", 79-82.

Fukuda, Yumiko / Hiki, Shizuo: "Design of a system for electronic dictionary of Japanese sign language", 83-86.

Beijk, Cilia M. / Elsendoorn, Ben A. G.: "A comparison of fundamental frequency development of DEAF and hearing children aged 4 to 20 years", 87-90.

Magnusson, Magnus: "Still-picture telephony for an aphasic user", 91-94.

Lariviere, Judy / MacKinnon, Elizabeth / Risebrough, Nancy: "Is speech recognition worth it?", 95-98.

Zajicek, M. / Rose, C.: "Evaluation of strategies for replacing mouse action with speech", 99-102.

Bickley, Corine / Hunnicutt, Sheri / Lamel, Lori: "Alternative strategies for creating autoCAD drawings", 103-106.

Kouroupetroglou, Georgios / Anagnostopoulos, Antonis / Papakostas, Georgios / Charoupias, Aris: "The BLISPHON alternative communication system for the speechless individual", 107-110.

Murray, Iain R. / Arnott, John L.: "A tool for the rapid development of new synthetic voice personalities", 111-114.

Wood, Matthew E. J. / Lewis, Eric: "Grammatical recognition in computer aided conversation", 115-118.

Brodin, Jane: "Telefax communication for people with mental", 119-120.

Moller-Sorensen, Torben: "HSP-form training helps children to begin with reading", 121-124.

Levitt, Harry: "The impact of technology on speech rehabilitation", 125-128.

Aguilera, S. / Berrojo, M. A. / Gimenez de los Galanes, F. M. / Colas, J. / Macias, J. / Montero, J. M.: "Impaired persons facilities based on a multi-modality speech processing system", 129-132.

Wrench, Alan A. / Jackson, M. S. / Jack, Mervyn A. / Soutar, D. S. / Robertson, A. G. / Beck, Janet MacKenzie / Laver, John: "A speech therapy workstation providing visual feedback of segmental quality", 133-136.

Javkin, Hector / Antonanzas-Barroso, Norma / Das, Amitav / Niedzielski, Nancy / Yamada, Yoshinori / Murata, Norio / Levitt, Harry / Youdelman, Karen: "A multi-parameter speech training system", 137-140.

Till, James A.: "CASPER: computer assisted speech evaluation expert system", 141-144.

Alim, Onsy A. / Anber, T. / Ahmed, R.: "Speech rehabilitation programme for mentally disabled children", 145-148.

Weiss, Brian M.: "Facilitated voice output communication for persons with autism using a ZYGO MACAW", 149-152.

Runge, Fred / Schultheiß, Ulrich: "A voice-controlled telecommunication terminal", 153-156.

Raghavendra, Parimala / Rosengren, Elisabet: "Evaluation of multi-talk II: feedback from users and their partners", 157-160.

Samworth, Katherine T.: "A method for obtaining control parameters for a parallel formant synthesizer", 161-164.

Arnott, John L. / Alm, Norman / Murray, Iain R.: "Enhancing a communication prosthesis with vocal emotion effects", 165-168.

Yarrington, Debra / Foulds, Richard: "Personalizing synthesized voices", 169-172.

Series, R. W.: "A speech training aid", 173-176.

Vicsi, Klara: "A product oriented teaching and training system for speech handicapped children", 177-180.

Grocholewski, Stefan: "PC based speech training environment for deaf children", 181-184.

Gill, J. M.: "Speech technology for visually disabled persons: research and practical use", 185-190.

Fischer, Wolf-Joachim / Owe, Wolf / Kordon, Ulrich / Hirschfeld, Diane: "A pocket reading device for the blind", 191-194.

Bezooijen, Renee van / Jongenburger, Willy: "Evaluation of an electronic newspaper for the blind in the netherlands", 195-198.

Epitropakis, G. / Yiourgalis, N. / Valkaniotis, D. / Pierros, P. / Kesendes, C. / Fakotakis, Nikos / Kokkinakis, George: "An improved greek reading machine for visually impaired persons", 199-202.

Llisterri, Joaquim / Fernandez, Natividad / Gudayol, Francesc / Poyatos, Juan Jose / Marti, Josep: "Testing users acceptance of ciber232, a text-to-speech system used by blind persons", 203-206.