Speech and Language Technology for Disabled Persons

Stockholm, Sweden
May 31 - June 2, 1993

A Comparison of Fundamental Frequency Development of DEAF and Hearing Children Aged 4 to 20 Years

Cilia M. Beijk, Ben A. G. Elsendoorn

Institute for the Deaf/IvD, Sint-Michielsgestel, The Netherlands

The present study investigates the effect of deafness on mean speaking F0 (SF0) and SFO range of children aged 4 to 20 years. At least ten minutes of conversational speech were recorded for each of 141 deaf and 68 hearing children. In order to measure the mean SF0 and SF0 range ELG-signals were analysed. Results show that from the ages of 6 (for girls) and 7 (for boys) the group average F0 for the deaf speakers is 59 Hz higher compared to the hearing speakers', with largest differences for boys at the ages between 11 and 13. Group differences in SF0 range between deaf and hearing speakers, and between males and females are negligible.

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Bibliographic reference.  Beijk, Cilia M. / Elsendoorn, Ben A. G. (1993): "A comparison of fundamental frequency development of DEAF and hearing children aged 4 to 20 years", In SLTDP-93, 87-90.