Speech and Language Technology for Disabled Persons

Stockholm, Sweden
May 31 - June 2, 1993

Alternative Strategies for Creating AutoCAD Drawings

Corine Bickley (1,2), Sheri Hunnicutt (2), Lori Lamel (3)

(1) Research Lab. of Electronics, Massachusetts Inst. of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA
(2) Department of Speech Communication and Music Acoustics, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden
(3) CNRS LIMSI, Orsay, France

Three different approaches for creating AutoCAD drawings with voice input have been examined: isolated-word speech recognition, connected-speech recognition, and word prediction (followed by translation into drawings). Commercially available isolated-word recognizers are limited by a small vocabulary size and by training requirements. Connected-speech recognizers permit faster and more natural interaction. Word prediction can be used to specify textual rules which facilitates modification of drawings.

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Bibliographic reference.  Bickley, Corine / Hunnicutt, Sheri / Lamel, Lori (1993): "Alternative strategies for creating autoCAD drawings", In SLTDP-93, 103-106.