1st Joint SIG-IL/Microsoft Workshop on Speech and Language Technologies for Iberian Languages

Porto Salvo, Portugal
September 3-4, 2009

Adapting the Unisyn Lexicon to Portuguese: Preliminary Issues in the Development of LUPo

Simone Ashby, José Pedro Ferreira, Sílvia Barbosa

Instituto da Linguística Teórica e Computacional (ILTEC), Lisbon, Portugal

This paper presents some preliminary issues and proposed solutions in the development of an accent-independent pronunciation lexicon for Portuguese, known as the Portuguese Unisyn Lexicon (LUPo). LUPo's objectives are presented within the context of the Portal da Língua Portuguesa knowledge base. Key considerations are addressed for encoding morphological boundaries, treating orthographic forms, and handling loan words. Here, it is argued that the knowledge-driven paradigm exemplified in the original English Unisyn Lexicon, along with the Portal da Língua Portuguesa's relational structure and rich lexicographic content present a good foundation for establishing a tightly integrated and well informed system.

Index Terms: lexicon, pronunciation, Portuguese accents, morphology, orthography, loan words, dictionary, relational database, speech synthesis

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Bibliographic reference.  Ashby, Simone / Ferreira, José Pedro / Barbosa, Sílvia (2009): "Adapting the unisyn lexicon to portuguese: preliminary issues in the development of LUPo", In SLTECH-2009, 43-46.