ISCA & IEEE Workshop on Spontaneous Speech Processing and Recognition

April 13-16, 2003
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan

Modeling of Accent Perception in Chinese Spontaneous Speech

Jianhua Tao

National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

The accent was proved to be the essential links between linguistics and acoustics, and behaves as an important parameter for prosody processing and unit selection in speech synthesis system. In the paper, some acoustical measurements are carried out on F0, duration, silence in order to disclose the relationship between accent and corresponding acoustical parameters. The normalized acoustic parameters are induced to facilitate the accent detecting. Based on this, a model is proposed to predict accent in spontaneous speech. The method is proved to be very successful and has been used to label accent automatically for our large corpus. Further listening tests also show that the labelling results reaches 86% accurate rate, which is nearly the same as the agreement of hand labelling results. Furthermore, different native’s evaluations are also compared in the paper.

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Tao, Jianhua (2003): "Modeling of accent perception in Chinese spontaneous speech", in SSPR-2003, paper TAP18.