The ESCA Workshop on Speech Synthesis

September 25-28, 1990
Autrans, France

On Modelling The Phonology Phonetics Interface for Articulatory Synthesis

Henrietta J. Cedergren (1), Gilles Boulianne (1), Danièle Archambault (2)

(1) Departement de linguistique Universite du Québec à Montreal, Canada
(2) INRS-Telecommunications, Québec, Canada

The development of a research tool which will allow users to explicitly model the relationship between phonological representation, speech organization and physiological structure by means of an articulatory synthesis system which simulates the derivation of spoken French is described.

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Bibliographic reference.  Cedergren, Henrietta J. / Boulianne, Gilles / Archambault, Danièle (1990): "On modelling the phonology phonetics interface for articulatory synthesis", In SSW1-1990, 79-82.