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Second ESCA/IEEE Workshop on Speech Synthesis

September 12-15, 1994
Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz, NY, USA

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[SSW2-1994] Second ISCA/IEEE Workshop on Speech Synthesis, Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz, NY, USA, September 12-15, 1994, ISCA Archive,

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Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Pierrehumbert, Janet / Frisch, Stefan: "Source allophony and speech synthesis", 1-4.

Richard, Gael / D'Alessandro, Christophe: "Time-domain analysis/synthesis of the aperiodic component of speech signals", 5-8.

Bailly, Gerard / Castelli, Eric / Gabioud, Bernard: "Building prototypes for articulatory speech synthesis", 9-12.

Bickley, Corine A. / Stevens, Kenneth N. / Williams, David R.: "A framework for synthesis of segments based on articulatory parameters", 13-16.

Wilhelms-Tricarico, Reiner / Perkell, Joseph S.: "Biomechanical and physiologically based speech modeling", 17-20.

Rodríguez-Crespo, M. A. / Sanz-Velasco, P. / Monzón-Serrano, L. / Escalada-Sardina, J. G.: "On the use of a sinusoidal model for speech synthesis units", 21-24.

Conway, Stephen M.: "Using feed-forward neural networks to produce vowel formant tracks in CVC triphones", 25-28.

Shih, Chilin / Ao, Benjamin: "Duration study for the AT&t Mandarin text-to-speech system", 29-32.

Prieto, Pilar / Santen, Jan P. H. van / Hirschberg, Julia: "Patterns of f0 peak placement in Mexican Spanish", 33-36.

Hamada, Hiroshi / Chiba, Jin'ichi: "A GUI-based interactive speech editor for synthetic speech creation", 37-40.

Abe, Masanobu / Mizuno, Hideyuki: "A strategy for changing speaking styles in text-to-speech systems", 41-44.

Hertz, Susan R. / Zsiga, Elizabeth C. / Jong, Kenneth J. de / Gries, Paul / Lockwood, Katherine E.: "From database to speech: a multi-dialect relational database integrated with the Eloquence synthesis technology", 45-48.

Guiard-Marigny, Thierry / Adjoudani, Ali / Benoît, Christian: "A 3-d model of the lips for visual speech synthesis", 49-52.

Goff, B. Le / Guiard-Marigny, Thierry / Cohen, M. / Benoît, Christian: "Real-time analysis-synthesis and intelligibility of talking faces", 53-56.

Hirai, Toshio / Iwahashi, Naoto / Higuchi, Norio / Sagisaka, Yoshinori: "Automatic extraction of FO control parameters using statistical analysis", 57-60.

Campbell, Nick: "Prosody and the selection of units for concatenation synthesis", 61-64.

Kraft, Volker: "Does the resulting speech quality improvement make a sophisticated concatenation of time-domain synthesis units worthwhile?", 65-68.

Pearson, Steve / Moran, Heather / Hata, Kazue / Holm, Frode: "Combining concatenation and formant synthesis for improved intelligibility and naturalness in text-to-speech systems", 69-72.

Henton, Caroline / Litwinowicz, Peter: "Saying and seeing it with feeling: techniques for synthesizing visible, emotional speech", 73-76.

Hirst, Daniel / Ide, Nancy / Véronis, Jean: "Coding fundamental frequency patterns for multi-lingual synthesis with INTSINT in the MULTEXT project", 77-80.

Oliveira, Luis C.: "Text-to-speech synthesis with dynamic control of source parameters", 81-84.

Iles, Jon / Edmondson, William: "Feature driven formant synthesis", 85-88.

Talkin, David / Wightman, Colin W.: "The aligner: text to speech alignment using Markov models and a pronunciation dictionary", 89-92.

Ljolje, Andrej / Hirschberg, Julia / Santen, Jan P. H. van: "Automatic speech segmentation for concatenative inventory selection", 93-96.

Kröger, Bernd J.: "Generating articulatory movement patterns by a segmental and a gestural production model", 97-100.

Barbosa, Plinio / Bailly, Gérard: "Generation of pauses within the z-score model", 101-104.

Coile, Bert Van / Zitter, A. De / Tichelen, L. Van / Vorstermans, A.: "Prosody transplantation in text-to-speech: applications and tools", 105-108.

Coker, Cecil H.: "Articulatory text to speech", 109.

Beckman, Mary E.: "Speech models and speech synthesis", 110.

Boeffard, Olivier / Violaro, F.: "Improving the robustness of text-to-speech synthesizers for large prosodic variations", 111-114.

Portele, Thomas / Höfer, Florian / Hess, Wolfgang: "A mixed inventory structure for German concatenative synthesis", 115-118.

Conkie, Alistair / Isard, Stephen: "Optimal coupling of diphones", 119-122.

Karlsson, Inger / Neovius, Lennart: "Rule-based female speech synthesis - segmental level improvements", 123-126.

Bunnell, H. T. / Yarrington, D. / Barner, K. E.: "Pitch control in diphone synthesis", 127-130.

Ross, Ken / Ostendorf, Mari: "A dynamical system model for generating F0 for synthesis", 131-134.

Higuchi, Norio / Hirai, Toshio / Sagisaka, Yoshinori: "Effect of speaking style on parameters of fundamental frequency contour", 135-138.

Möbius, Bernd: "A quantitative model of German intonation and its application to speech synthesis", 139-142.

Frenkenberger, S. / Schnabel, Betina / Alissali, M. / Kommenda, Markus: "Prosodic parsing based on parsing of minimal syntactic structures", 143-146.

Sanderman, Angelien: "How can prosody segment the flow of (synthetic) speech?", 147-150.

Kohler, Klaus J.: "Parametric control of prosodic variables by symbolic input in TTS synthesis", 151-154.

D'Alessandro, Christophe / Mertens, Piet / Beaugendre, Frédéric: "Automatic stylization of intonation: application to speech synthesis", 155-158.

Hirschberg, Julia / Prieto, Pilar: "Training intonational phrasing rules automatically for English and Spanish text-to-speech", 159-162.

Pijper, Jan Roelof de: "High-quality message-to-speech generation in a practical application", 163-166.

Hirose, Keikichi / Sakata, Mayumi / Osame, Masafumi / Fujisaki, Hiroya: "Analysis and synthesis of fundamental frequency contours for the spoken dialogue in Japanese", 167-170.

Monaghan, Alex I. C.: "Intonation accent placement in a concept-to-dialogue system", 171-174.

Taylor, Paul / Black, Alan W.: "Synthesizing conversational intonation from a linguistically rich input", 175-178.

Tzoukermann, Evelyne: "Text-to-speech for French", 179-182.

Ferri, G. / Pierucci, P. / Sanzone, D.: "An integrated morpho-syntactic analysis with phonetic transcription for an Italian text-to-speech system", 183-186.

Sproat, Richard / Olive, Joseph: "A modular architecture for multi-lingual text-to-speech", 187-190.

Günther, Carsten / Maienborn, Claudia / Schopp, Andrea: "SYNPHONICS - a cognitive motivated approach to a concept-to-speech system", 191-194.

Breen, Andrew P.: "The BT Laureate text-to-speech system", 195-198.

Daelemans, Walter / Bosch, Antal van den: "A language-independent, data-oriented architecture for grapheme-to-phoneme conversion", 199-202.

Pols, Louis C.W. / Jekosch, Ute: "A structured way of looking at the performance of text-to-speech systems", 203-206.

Aguilar, Lourdes / Fernández, Josep M. / Garrido, Juan M. / Llisterri, Joaquim / Macarrón, Alejandro / Monzón, Luis / Rodriguez, Miguel Ángel: "Evaluation of a Spanish text-to-speech system", 207-210.

Belhoula, Karim / Kugler, Marianne / Krüger, Regina / Rühl, Hans-Wilhelm: "Evaluation of a TTS-system intended for the synthesis of names", 211-214.

Pisoni, David B.: "Perceptual evaluation of synthetic speech: what have we learned over the last 15 years and where are we going in the future?", 215.

Pelachaud, Catherine / Prevost, Scott: "Sight and sound: generating facial expressions and spoken intonation from context", 216-219.

Horne, Merle / Filipsson, Marcus: "Computational extraction of lexico-grammatical information for generation of Swedish intonation", 220-223.

Marsi, Erwin / Coppen, Peter-Arno / Gussenhoven, Carlos / Rietveld, Toni: "Prosodic and intonational domains in speech synthesis", 224-227.

Nakatani, Christine H.: "Discourse structural constraints on accent in narrative", 228-231.

Dirksen, Arthur / Coleman, John: "All-prosodic synthesis architecture", 232-235.

Local, John / Ogden, Richard: "A model of timiny for non-segmental phonological structure", 236-239.

Santen, Jan P. H. van: "Using statistics in text-to-speech system construction", 240-243.

Yarowsky, David: "Homograph disambiguation in speech synthesis", 244-247.