Second ESCA/IEEE Workshop on Speech Synthesis

September 12-15, 1994
Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz, NY, USA

On the Use of a Sinusoidal Model for Speech Synthesis Units

M. A. Rodríguez-Crespo, P. Sanz-Velasco, L. Monzón-Serrano, J. G. Escalada-Sardina

Telefonica, Madrid, Spain

This paper discusses the adequacy of a model that represents the speech signal as a sum of sine waves to the requirements of concatenative speech synthesis in TTS. This model allows wide range and high quality prosodic modifications, and produces smooth transitions where the speech segments are joined. A preference test has been carried out between speech synthesized using a pitch synchronous LPC (PS-LPC) synthesizer and the sinusoidal synthesizer.

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Bibliographic reference.  Rodríguez-Crespo, M. A. / Sanz-Velasco, P. / Monzón-Serrano, L. / Escalada-Sardina, J. G. (1994): "On the use of a sinusoidal model for speech synthesis units", In SSW2-1994, 21-24.