Second ESCA/IEEE Workshop on Speech Synthesis

September 12-15, 1994
Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz, NY, USA

Text-To-Speech for French

Evelyne Tzoukermann

AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ, USA

This paper describes the status of the French text-to-speech system being developed at AT&T Bell Laboratories as part of a larger project for multilingual text-to-speech systems, including languages such as Mexican Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, and Chinese. These systems, based on diphone and triphone concatenation, follow the general framework of the Bell Laboratories English NewTTS system. A description of the French system is provided along with problems particular to French.

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Tzoukermann, Evelyne (1994): "Text-to-speech for French", In SSW2-1994, 179-182.