Second ESCA/IEEE Workshop on Speech Synthesis

September 12-15, 1994
Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz, NY, USA

Evaluation of a Spanish Text-To-Speech System

Lourdes Aguilar (1), Josep M. Fernández (1), Juan M. Garrido (1), Joaquim Llisterri (1), Alejandro Macarrón (2), Luis Monzón (2), Miguel Ángel Rodriguez (2)

(1) Departament de Filologia Espanyola, Edifici B, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Bellaterra, Barcelona, Spain
(2) Division de Servicios de Tratamiento del Habla, Telefonica I+D, Madrid, Spain

A battery of tests for output assessment of Spanish TTS systems is presented, as well as its application to the system developed by Telefonica /+D. This battery is an adaptation to Spanish of tests already used in other languages. At phonemic level, consonants, consonant clusters and vowel combinations are evaluated. At word level, identification of words in meaningful sentences as well as in semantically unpredictable sentences is considered. Evaluation of comprehension is accomplished by means of a listening test, and the global quality and user's acceptance is assessed using a paired adjectives test. The results show that the Telefonica I+D TTS system can be favorably compared with existing English products and offers insights for further improvements.

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Bibliographic reference.  Aguilar, Lourdes / Fernández, Josep M. / Garrido, Juan M. / Llisterri, Joaquim / Macarrón, Alejandro / Monzón, Luis / Rodriguez, Miguel Ángel (1994): "Evaluation of a Spanish text-to-speech system", In SSW2-1994, 207-210.