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Sixth ISCA Workshop on Speech Synthesis

Bonn, Germany
August 22-24, 2007

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Bibliographic Reference

[SSW6-2007] Sixth ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop on Speech Synthesis (SSW6), Bonn, Germany, August 22-24, 2007, ed. by Petra Wagner, Julia Abresch, Stefan Breuer, and Wolfgang Hess (Bonn, Germany, 2007)

Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Keynote 1

Kröger, Bernd J.: "Perspectives for articulatory speech synthesis", 391 (abstract).

Various Topics

Govokhina, Oxana / Bailly, Gérard / Breton, Gaspard: "Learning optimal audiovisual phasing for an HMM-based control model for facial animation", 1-4.

Birkholz, Peter / Steiner, Ingmar / Breuer, Stefan: "Control concepts for articulatory speech synthesis", 5-10.

Kain, Alexander B. / Miao, Qi / Santen, Jan P. H. van: "Spectral control in concatenative speech synthesis", 11-16.

Kirkpatrick, Barry / O’Brien, Darragh / Scaife, Ronán: "Feature transformation applied to the detection of discontinuities in concatenated speech", 17-21.

Expressive Speech Synthesis

Campbell, Nick: "Towards conversational speech synthesis; lessons learned from the expressive speech processing project", 22-27.

Sakai, Shinsuke / Ni, Jinfu / Maia, Ranniery / Tokuda, Keiichi / Tsuzaki, Minoru / Toda, Tomoki / Kawai, Hisashi / Nakamura, Satoshi: "Communicative speech synthesis with XIMERA: a first step", 28-33.

Fernandez, Raul / Ramabhadran, Bhuvana: "Automatic exploration of corpus-specific properties for expressive text-to-speech: a case study in emphasis", 34-39.

Wollermann, Charlotte / Lasarcyk, Eva: "Modeling and perceiving of (un-)certainty in articulatory speech synthesis", 40-45.

Wang, Lijuan / Chu, Min / Peng, Yaya / Zhao, Yong / Soong, Frank K.: "Perceptual annotation of expressive speech", 46-51.

Poster Session 1

Schnell, Karl / Lacroix, Arild: "Joint analysis of speech frames for synthesis based on lossy tube models", 52-57.

Adsett, Connie R. / Marchand, Yannick: "Are rule-based syllabification methods adequate for languages with low syllabic complexity? the case of Italian", 58-63.

Huckvale, Mark / Yanagisawa, Kayoko: "Spoken language conversion with accent morphing", 64-70.

Demenko, Grazyna / Wagner, Agnieszka / Jilka, Matthias / Möbius, Bernd: "Comparative investigation of peak alignment in Polish and German unit selection corpora", 71-76.

Klessa, Katarzyna / Szymanski, Marcin / Breuer, Stefan / Demenko, Grazyna: "Optimization of Polish segmental duration prediction with CART", 77-80.

Hirai, Toshio / Yamagishi, Junichi / Tenpaku, Seiichi: "Utilization of an HMM-based feature generation module in 5 ms segment concatenative speech synthesis", 81-84.

Lolive, Damien / Barbot, Nelly / Boeffard, Olivier: "Clustering algorithm for F0 curves based on hidden Markov models", 85-89.

Kumar, Rohit / Gangadharaiah, Rashmi / Rao, Sharath / Prahallad, Kishore / Rosé, Carolyn P. / Black, Alan W.: "Building a better Indian English voice using "more data"", 90-94.

Schröder, Marc / Hunecke, Anna: "Creating German unit selection voices for the MARY TTS platform from the BITS corpora", 95-100.

Voice Conversion

Ohta, Kumi / Ohtani, Yamato / Toda, Tomoki / Saruwatari, Hiroshi / Shikano, Kiyohiro: "Regression approaches to voice quality controll based on one-to-many eigenvoice conversion", 101-106.

Tani, Daisuke / Ohtani, Yamato / Toda, Tomoki / Saruwatari, Hiroshi / Shikano, Kiyohiro: "An evaluation of many-to-one voice conversion algorithms with pre-stored speaker data sets", 107-112.

Cabral, Joao P. / Renals, Steve / Richmond, Korin / Yamagishi, Junichi: "Towards an improved modeling of the glottal source in statistical parametric speech synthesis", 113-118.

Mesbahi, Larbi / Barreaud, Vincent / Boeffard, Olivier: "GMM-based speech transformation systems under data reduction", 119-124.

Speech Synthesis by HMM

Yamagishi, Junichi / Kobayashi, Takao / Renals, Steve / King, Simon / Zen, Heiga / Toda, Tomoki / Tokuda, Keiichi: "Improved average-voice-based speech synthesis using gender-mixed modeling and a parameter generation algorithm considering GV", 125-130.

Maia, Ranniery / Toda, Tomoki / Zen, Heiga / Nankaku, Yoshihiko / Tokuda, Keiichi: "An excitation model for HMM-based speech synthesis based on residual modeling", 131-136.

Liang, Hui / Qian, Yao / Soong, Frank K.: "An HMM-based bilingual (Mandarin-English) TTS", 137-142.

Roux, Justus C. / Visagie, Albert S.: "Data-driven approach to rapid prototyping Xhosa speech synthesis", 143-147.

Tone and Tone Accent Languages

Minematsu, Nobuaki / Kuroiwa, Ryo / Hirose, Keikichi / Watanabe, Michiko: "CRF-based statistical learning of Japanese accent sandhi for developing Japanese text-to-speech synthesis systems", 148-153.

Sun, Qinghua / Hirose, Keikichi / Minematsu, Nobuaki: "Two-step generation of Mandarin F0 contours based on tone nucleus and superpositional models", 154-159.

Chomphan, Suphattharachai / Kobayashi, Takao: "Design of tree-based context clustering for an HMM-based Thai speech synthesis system", 160-165.

Bachmann, Arne / Breuer, Stefan: "Development of a BOSS unit selection module for tone languages", 166-171.

Poster Session 2

Kain, Alexander B. / Santen, Jan P. H. van: "Unit-selection text-to-speech synthesis using an asynchronous interpolation model", 172-177.

Hertrich, Ingo / Ackermann, Hermann: "Modelling voiceless speech segments by means of an additive procedure based on the computation of formant sinusoids", 178-181.

Toth, Arthur R. / Black, Alan W.: "Using articulatory position data in voice transformation", 182-187.

Raj, Anand Arokia / Sarkar, Tanuja / Pammi, Satish Chandra / Yuvaraj, Santhosh / Bansal, Mohit / Prahallad, Kishore / Black, Alan W.: "Text processing for text-to-speech systems in Indian languages", 188-193.

Erro, Daniel / Moreno, Asunción / Bonafonte, Antonio: "Flexible harmonic/stochastic speech synthesis", 194-199.

Romportl, Jan / Kala, Jirí: "Prosody modelling in Czech text-to-speech synthesis", 200-205.

Zhao, Yong / Zhang, Chengsuo / Soong, Frank K. / Chu, Min / Xiao, Xi: "Measuring attribute dissimilarity with HMM KL-divergence for speech synthesis", 206-210.

Chevelu, Jonathan / Barbot, Nelly / Boeffard, Olivier / Delhay, Arnaud: "Lagrangian relaxation for optimal corpus design", 211-216.

Krul, Aleksandra / Damnati, Géraldine / Yvon, François / Boidin, Cédric / Moudenc, Thierry: "Adaptive database reduction for domain specific speech synthesis", 217-222.

Adell, Jordi / Bonafonte, Antonio / Escudero, David: "Statistical analysis of filled pauses² rhythm for disfluent speech synthesis", 223-227.

Gu, Wentao / Lee, Tan: "Quantitative analysis of F0 contours of emotional speech of Mandarin", 228-233.

Prosody Modelling

Shechtman, Slava: "Maximum-likelihood dynamic intonation model for concatenative text-to-speech system", 234-239.

Reichel, Uwe D.: "Data-driven extraction of intonation contour classes", 240-245.

Mishra, Taniya / Tucker Prud’hommeaux, Emily / Santen, Jan P. H. van: "Word accentuation prediction using a neural net classifier", 246-251.

Badino, Leonardo / Clark, Robert A. J.: "Issues of optionality in pitch accent placement", 252-257.

Inventory Construction

Aylett, Matthew P. / King, Simon: "Single speaker segmentation and inventory selection using dynamic time warping self organization and joint multigram mapping", 258-263.

Lambert, Tanya / Braunschweiler, Norbert / Buchholz, Sabine: "How (not) to select your voice corpus: random selection vs. phonologically balanced", 264-269.

Latacz, Lukas / Kong, Yuk On / Verhelst, Werner: "Unit selection synthesis using long non-uniform units and phonemic identity matching", 270-275.

Gruber, Martin / Tihelka, Daniel / Matousek, Jindrich: "Evaluation of various unit types in the unit selection approach for the Czech language using the Festival system", 276-281.

Keynote 2

Black, Alan W.: "The Blizzard Challenge: evaluating corpus-based speech synthesis techniques", 392 (abstract).


Moers, Donata / Wagner, Petra / Breuer, Stefan: "Assessing the adequate treatment of fast speech in unit selection speech synthesis systems for the visually impaired", 282-287.

Wolters, Maria / Campbell, Pauline / DePlacido, Christine / Liddell, Amy / Owens, David: "Making speech synthesis more accessible to older people", 288-293.


Zen, Heiga / Nose, Takashi / Yamagishi, Junichi / Sako, Shinji / Masuko, Takashi / Black, Alan W. / Tokuda, Keiichi: "The HMM-based speech synthesis system (HTS) version 2.0", 294-299.

Weiss, Christian / Oliveira, Luis C. / Paulo, Sergio / Mendes, Carlos / Figueira, Luis / Vala, Marco / Sequeira, Pedro / Paiva, Ana / Vogt, Thurid / Andre, Elisabeth: "eCIRCUS: building voices for autonomous speaking agents", 300-303.

Barbisch, Martin / Dogil, Grzegorz / Möbius, Bernd / Säuberlich, Bettina / Schweitzer, Antje: "Unit selection synthesis in the Smartweb project", 304-309.

Silen, Hanna / Helander, Elina / Koppinen, Konsta / Gabbouj, Moncef: "Building a Finnish unit selection TTS system", 310-315.

Poster Session 3

Marchand, Yannick / Adsett, Connie R. / Damper, Robert I.: "Evaluating automatic syllabification algorithms for English", 316-321.

Kominek, John / Schultz, Tanja / Black, Alan W.: "Voice building from insufficient data - classroom experiences with web-based language development tools", 322-327.

Cahill, Peter / Macek, Jan / Carson-Berndsen, Julie: "SVM based feature extraction in speech synthesis", 328-332.

Nankaku, Yoshihiko / Nakamura, Kenichi / Toda, Tomoki / Tokuda, Keiichi: "Spectral conversion based on statistical models including time-sequence matching", 333-338.

Klabbers, Esther / Mishra, Taniya / Santen, Jan P. H. van: "Analysis of affective speech recordings using the superpositional intonation model", 339-344.

Beux, Sylvain Le / Rilliard, Albert / d’Alessandro, Christophe: "Calliphony: a real-time intonation controller for expressive speech synthesis", 345-350.

Das Mandal, Shyamal Kumar / Datta, Asoke Kumar: "Epoch synchronous non-overlap-add (ESNOLA) method-based concatenative speech synthesis system for Bangla", 351-355.

Hansakunbuntheung, Chatchawarn / Kato, Hiroaki / Sagisaka, Yoshinori: "Syllable-based Thai duration model using multi-level linear regression and syllable accommodation", 356-361.

Gonzalvo, Xavier / Socoró, Joan Claudi / Iriondo, Ignasi / Monzo, Carlos / Martínez, Elisa: "Linguistic and mixed excitation improvements on a HMM-based speech synthesis for Castilian Spanish", 362-367.

Lyudovyk, Tetyana / Robeiko, Valentyna: "Inventory of intonation contours for text-to-speech synthesis", 368-373.


Bunnell, H. Timothy / Lilley, Jason: "Analysis methods for assessing TTS intelligibility", 374-379.

Langner, Brian / Black, Alan W.: "Understandable production of massive synthesis", 380-384.

Hooijdonk, Charlotte van / Commandeur, Edwin / Cozijn, Reinier / Krahmer, Emiel / Marsi, Erwin: "The online evaluation of speech synthesis using eye movements", 385-390.