STiLL - Speech Technology in Language Learning

May 25-27, 1998
Marholmen, Sweden

Towards the Use of a Virtual Talking Head and of Speech Mapping Tools for Pronunciation Training

Pierre Badin, Gérard Bailly, Louis-Jean Boe

Institut de la Communication Parlee - UPRESA CNRS 5009 - INPG / Univ. Stendhal, Grenoble, France

The Speech Mapping concept posits that speech sequences can be represented by trajectories in a multiparametric space, whose elements are related to each other by relationships representing speech production mechanisms. This concept is viewed as a useful framework for pronunciation training, in a scheme where the teacher uses a Virtual Talking Head, to manipulate audio-visual speech stimuli in order to fulfil a double task: (1) evaluating and improving the learner's perception of the target language sounds, and (2) helping the learner produce the corresponding articulations by acquiring the internalisation of the relations between articulatory gestures and resulting sounds. We describe a set of data and models, including a virtual talking head, that can be useful for pronunciation training, present a few experiments supporting this approach, and suggest some directions for the future.

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Bibliographic reference.  Badin, Pierre / Bailly, Gérard / Boe, Louis-Jean (1998): "Towards the use of a virtual talking head and of speech mapping tools for pronunciation training", In STiLL-1998, 167-170.