STiLL - Speech Technology in Language Learning

May 25-27, 1998
Marholmen, Sweden

A CSLUrp-Based Spoken Dialogue System for Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Sarah Davies, Massimo Poesio

Human Communication Research Centre, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

This is a preliminary study into the feasibility of constructing a spoken dialogue system for use in the teaching of English as a foreign language. Using the CSLU Rapid Prototyper (CSLUrp), we built two simple game-style CALL systems and tested them for usability with visiting students of English. Results are presented on various aspects of their functionality, and problems highlighted. Overall, it was found that usable CALL systems can be developed with current spoken dialogue technology.

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Davies, Sarah / Poesio, Massimo (1998): "A CSLUrp-based spoken dialogue system for teaching English as a foreign language", In STiLL-1998, 183-186.